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KEY: Tv= Still Images Pic= Still Photos FM= FM Performance
96/01/04 TVNYC, NY - VH1 Crossroads Live Thursday YWMFM
96/01/11Ocean Beach, SD, CA - Java Joes
1000Miles Away,Walk Away,You & I,No Love Song Left In Me,I Hate Birthdays,Angel Needs A Ride,Buttercup,Fragile Heart,Fade Away,Now That You Have Me,The Things You Dont Say,All The Animals,Emily,Love Me Just Leave Me Alone,Race Car Driver,I Got The Blues More Than You Do,w/JEHarrison**Whiskey A Go Go,**Goddamn Cowboy, Little Sister
96/01/12Columbia, SC - Rockerfellers
96/01/13Nashville, TN - 328 Performance Hall
96/01/14Asheville, NC - Be Here Now
96/01/15Chattanooga, TN - Red Square
96/01/17Lexington, KY - Lynaugh's
96/01/18Knoxville, TN - Flamingo's
96/01/19Charlottesville, VA - Traxx
96/01/20Alexandria, VA - Episcopal High School
96/01/21Long Branch, NJ - The Metro
96/01/23Allentown, PA - Starz
96/01/24Providence, RI - The Call, Club Babybead
96/01/25Philadelphia, PA - Theater of Living Arts
96/01/26aNYC, NY - FMWNEW Studios
96/01/26bNYC, NY - Irving Plaza
96/01/27aBoston, MA - FMWBCN Studios,"Acoustic Cafe"
96/01/27bBoston, MA - Mama Kin
96/01/29Northampton, MA - The Iron Horse
96/01/30Danbury, CT - Tuxedo Junction
96/01/??NYC, NY - TVGeorge & Allanah Taping, aired Feb
96/01/??NYC, NY - TVMike & Maty Taping, aired Feb
96/01/31Killington, VT - The Pickle Barrel
96/02/01Washington, DC - The 9:30 Club
96/02/01NYC, NY - TVVH1 Crossroads Live Thursday
96/02/02Lexington, VA - SAB Building,Washington & Lee University
96/02/03Cinncinnatti, OH - Bogarts
96/02/05Cleveland, OH - Odeon Concert Club
96/02/06Indianapolis, IN - World Mardi Gras
96/02/07aDetroit, MI - Farmington High School, morning show. Booked at a inner city school mistakenly thinking she was the rap artist Jewell.
96/02/07bAnn Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
96/02/08Milwaulkee, WI - Shank Hall
96/02/09Chicago, IL - Cabaret Metro
96/02/10aMinneapolis, MN - FMREV 105 Studios
96/02/10bMinneapolic, MN - 1st Avenue Entry
96/02/11NYC, NY - TVGood Morning America
96/02/12Ames, IO - Peoples
96/02/13Lawrence, KA - The Bottleneck
96/02/14Omaha, NB - Nick & Erics
96/02/15NYC, NY - TVMTV News Clip broadcast
96/02/16Denver, CO - Blue Bird
96/02/17Boulder, CO - The Fox Theater
96/02/18Fort Collins, CO - The Starlight
96/02/19aSalt Lake City, UT - FMKUMT Studio Interview
96/02/19bSalt Lake City, UT - Zephyr Club
96/02/20Boise, ID - Bogies
96/02/22Seattle, WA - Pioneer Square Theater
96/02/23Vancouver, BC - The Town Pump
96/02/24Portland, OR - La Luna
96/02/26Sacramento,CA - The Press Room
96/02/26Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst
96/02/27aSan Fransisco,CA - TV:KTVU TV Morning Show, Interview & WWSYS
96/02/27bSan Francisco, CA - Slim's
96/02/28San Juan Capis., CA - The Coach House
96/02/29Los Angeles, CA - Roxy Theater
96/02/29Anchorage, Alaska - KTUV TV, Jewel Profile, aired 3/15/96 Footage of 2/29 Roxy Gig & brief Jenny Price Interview
96/03/01Salona Beach, CA - Belly Up Tavern
96/03/02aEncinitas, CA - Lou's Records (Afternoon, In Store)
96/03/02bSan Diego, CA - Spreckel's Theater
96/03/02cSan Diego, CA - Spreckel's Theater w/The Rugburns(fully electric quartet)
96/03/??Canada - TV: Much Music ,CBC
96/03/04Albaquerque, NM - Golden West
96/03/05Telluride, CO - venue unknown
96/03/06Crested Butte, CO - venue unknown
96/03/07Breckenridge,CO - JohSha's
96/03/08Steamboat Springs,CO - The Inferno
96/03/09Houston, TX - FMKRBE-FM Accoustic Lunch at Rhino Room
96/03/10Aspen,CO - Wheeler Opera House
96/03/12Lawrence, KA - Bottleneck
96/03/13St. Loius, MO - venue unknown
96/03/14Memphis, TN - venue unknown
96/03/15aNYC, NY - TV: CBS This Morning
96/03/15bFMKUTV Alaska- interview
96/03/16Little Rock, AR - Juanita's
96/03/17?aAustin,TX - South by Southwest Music Conference
96/03/17?bAustin,TX - Driscoll Hotel (guest appearance w/The Rugburns)
96/03/18Springfield, MO - Regency Showcase
96/03/21Dallas, TX - venue unknown
96/03/22Austin, TX - venue unknown
96/03/23aVail,CO - TVVH1 "Lift Ticket To Ride Crossroads Concert", "Who Will Save Your Soul", "Race Car Driver", "Chime Bells"
96/03/23Vail, CO - TVVH1 Top 20 Countdown (co-hosting)
96/03/23Vail, CO - Garton's
96/03/24New Orleans, LA - House Of Blues
96/03/27Scottsdale, AR - The Rockin' Horse
96/03/28aHollywood, CA - FMKevin & Bean Morning Show
96/03/28bHollywood, CA - Tower Records
96/03/30Homer, Alaska - Homer High School, 2 Shows
96/03/30Homer, Alaska - KUBI TV, Welcome Home Segment
96/03/??NYC, NY - TV: Vh1 Top 20 Countdown (Co Hosting)
96/04/04Anchorage, Alaska4th Avenue Anchorage Theater
96/04/13Madison, NJSimon Forum, Dylan Opener #1
96/04/14New Haven, CTPalace Theater, Dylan Opener #2
96/04/16Springfield, MASymphony Hall, Dylan Opener #3
96/04/17aBurlington, VTPatrick Gym, UVM, Dylan Opener #4
96/04/17bBurlington, VTPatrick Gym, UVM, Dylan Set Duet #1
96/04/17cNYC, NYTVMTV Alt. Nation, (Co hosting #1) broadcast
96/04/18aProvidence, RIStrand Theater, Dylan Opener #5
96/04/18bProvidence, RIStrand Theater, Dylan Set Duet #2
96/04/18cNYC, NYTVMTV Alt. Nation, (Co hosting #2)
96/04/19St. Mary's City, MDWorld Carnival
96/04/20University Park, PAHUB Lawn
96/04/21Orlando, FLWJRR 101.1 FM Earth Day Birthday Concert
96/04/22NYC, NYTVDavid Letterman Show, Sullivan Theater
96/04/28NYC, NYTVMTV 120 Minutes Taping
96/04/30RELEASE "The Craft" Soundtrack CD "Under The Water"
96/05/03aSan Jose, CADaily Planet(In Store)
96/05/03bSan Fransisco, CABimbo's 365 Club, 1st show w/3D's
96/05/04aLos Angeles, CAFMKROQ Studios
96/05/04bLos Angeles, CAJohn Anson Ford Theater, 2nd show w/3D's
96/05/05Phoenix, ARThe Electric Ballroom
96/05/06Boulder, COThe Fox Theater
96/05/08Houston, TXUrban Arts Bar
96/05/10Minneapolis, MNFirst Avenue Entry
96/05/11Chicago, ILThe Metro
96/05/12Grand Rapids, MIIntersection
96/05/13aToronto, ONTFMCFNY(The Edge)
96/05/13bToronto, ONTTV: Dini Petty Show,CTV, broadcast 5/14
96/05/13cToronto, ONTThe Opera House
96/05/14Cleveland, OHThe Odeon
96/05/16aNYC, NYFMWHTZ Studios
96/05/16bNYC, NYPicIrving Plaza, (Internet Simulcast) evening
96/05/16cNYC, NYF-Stop Restaurant, (Gold Record Party) late
96/05/17aAnnapolis, MDFMWHFS Studios JPT Rebroadcast
96/05/17bWashington DCThe 9:30 Club
96/05/18aBoston, MARap Around Show Taping (morning)
96/05/18bBoston, MAPicBorders Bookstore Afternoon
96/05/18cBoston, MAThe Paradise
96/05/19bPhiladelphia, PATheater Of Living Arts
96/05/20NY, NYOn The Edge Show, Show #96-21 (broadcast date) 3 songs & interview
96/05/21Sea Bright, NJTradewinds
96/05/22Pittsburgh, PAThe Metropol
96/05/23Jewel's 22nd Birthday
96/05/24aAtlanta, GAFMAPC Studios, "Live X", 99X FM
96/05/24bAtlanta, GAPicThe Cotton Club
96/05/25aClearwater, FLFMPoint 102.5 Radio (afternoon)
96/05/25bClearwater Beach, FLFMDoubletree Surfside
96/05/26Miami, FLSqueeze
96/05/27aOrlando, FLWJRR 101.1 FM afternoon (Interview,Cold Song,Chime Bells,WWSYS)
96/05/27bOrlando, FLThe Club at Firestone
96/05/29Charlotte, NCTremont Music Hal
96/05/30Virginia Beach, VA The Abyss
96/05/31Philadelphia, PAY100 Summer Shindig #2, Mann Music Center
96/06/??RELEASE "I Shot Andy Warhol" Soundtrack CD "Sunshine Superman"
96/06/01Washington DCPicHFS Fest,RFK Stadium Frisbee incident
96/06/02Dallas, TX94.5 KDGE the EDGE Birthday Bash
96/06/04aBrockton, MATV: Rage TV "Quiet Warrior"
96/06/04bBurbank, CATVTonight Show
96/06/06aMTV Beach HouseTV: WWSYS performance (aired 6/24)
96/06/06bMTV Beach HouseTVMTV,Surfrider Special (aired 7/17)
To: EDAs
Subject: Woodstock list concert!
Sender: H via Jewel list
OK! Jewel said she would do a concert just for list members who can get there! Provided we can get a date that works etc. It cannot be a weekend, has to be a late evening show after a day of recording. Plus all the coordinating should be done by the list (arrangement for a venue etc) and approved by Lenedra. What do you think?---H
96/06/07Jewelstock gets a name. Lisa Schiller while posting info to Smoe.Org refers to the Bearsville Concerts as "Jewelstock" for the first time.
96/06/09Ocean Beach, SD, CA Java Joes
96/06/10Ocean Beach, SD, CA Java Joes, Parking Lot
96/06/13Chicago,ILJBTV Studios (unaired solo & interview)
96/06/14Mtn. View, CA FMBFD3-Live 105 Fest, Shorline Amph
96/06/25"Crossing Guard" Home Video Release Date (featuring "Emily")
96/06/29Del Mar, CAThe Fairgrounds
96/07/01Rehearsing Sessions, Bearsville Theater- Boy Needs A Bike, Carnivore, Jessica-2 versions electric & acoustic band, Tough Girl,Innocence Maintained,Deep Water,Satellite,Fragile Heart, Sometimes It Be That Way,Love Me Just Leave Me Alone,Fading Away & Run Tonto Run
96/07/02aWoodstock, NYRehearsing Sessions, Bearsville Theater
96/07/02bRELEASE "MOM" Surfrider Benefit CD "Quiet Warrior"
96/07/02cRELEASE "Phenomenon" Soundtrack CD "Have A Little Faith In Me"
96/07/03Woodstock, NYRehearsing Sessions, Bearsville Theater
96/07/04Woodstock, NYRehearsing Sessions, Bearsville Theater
96/07/05Woodstock, NYRehearsing Sessions, Bearsville Theater
96/07/06Woodstock, NYElectric Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/07Woodstock, NYElectric Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/08Woodstock, NYElectric Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/09Woodstock, NYElectric Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/10Woodstock, NYElectric Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/11Woodstock, NYElectric Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/12Accoustic Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios - His Pleasure Is My Pain,Louisa & Her Blue Guitar, Fragile Flame, 1000 Miles Away,Sometimes It Be That Way, Run Tonto Run, Grey Matter, The Face Of Love, Nicotine Love, Moon Over Austin, Buttercup, Deep Water & Nikos
96/07/13Woodstock, NYAccoustic Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/14aWoodstock, NYRythym section (drums & bass) auditions for the touring band w/ Mark Schulman, Bearsville Theater
96/07/14bWoodstock, NYAccoustic Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/15aWoodstock, NYRythym section auditions, Bearsville Theater
96/07/15bWoodstock, NYAccoustic Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/??RELEASE "Wizard Of Oz" In Concert CD Various tracks w/Jewel
96/07/16aWoodstock, NYAccoustic Recording Sessions, Bearsville Studios
96/07/16bWoodstock, NYFMBackyard Barbecue,WDST, Afternoon
96/07/17aNYC, NYTVRosie O'Donnell Show
96/07/17bMTV Beach HouseTVMTV,Surfrider Special (broadcast date)
96/07/18aWoodstock, NYRythym section auditions, Bearsville Theater
96/07/18bWoodstock, NYPicsJewelstock, Bearsville Theater (eve)
96/07/19Woodstock, NYPicsJewelstock, Bearsville Theater
96/07/20NYC, NYTVMTV The Week In Rock 6-1-96 HFS Fest
96/07/31NYC, NYTV Regis & Kathy Lee taping (aired 8/9)
96/08/04Bearsville, NYTodd Rudgren's "The Difference" Show #96-31, (broadcast date-recorded 2 to 3 weeks earlier) Interview & WWSYS
96/08/09Charlotte, NCBlockbuster Pavilion
96/08/10Atlanta, GA Lakewood Ampitheatre
96/08/12Raliegh, NCWalnut Creek Ampitheatre
96/08/13Bristow, VANissan Pavillion
96/08/16aNashville, TNRecording Sessions (studio uncertain)
96/08/16bNashville, TN328 Performance Hall
96/08/17Hampton Beach, NHClub Casino
96/08/18aHartford,CTMeadows Amphitheater CANCELLED
96/08/18bCanandaiqua, NYPerforming Lakes Center
96/08/19NY, NYMadison Sq. Garden
96/08/21Mansfield, MAGreat Woods
96/08/22Mansfield, MAGreat Woods
96/08/23aPalmer, AlaskaAlaska State Fair (Advertised but NEVER booked)
96/08/23bLos Angeles,CAWEA 25th Anniversary
96/08/24aPalmer, AlaskaAlaska State Fair (Advertised but NEVER booked)
96/08/24bLos Angeles,CAYWMFM "New" Video shoot
96/08/25Saratoga Spg., NYPAC
96/08/26Wantagh, NYJones Beach Amphitheater
96/08/27aChicago,ILRock The Vote, Hard Rock Cafe
96/08/27bChicago, ILTVMTV's Democratic Con.(aired 8/28)
96/08/27cChicago,ILAOL "George On" Live Internet Chat
96/08/28aChicago,ILTV:Clip, CBS This Morning (recorded prev. night)
96/08/28bNoblesville, INDeer Creek
96/08/28cNY, NYTV: MTV Show Awards Preview (2 old clips)
96/08/29Columbus, OHPolaris
96/08/31Barrie, ONTMolson Park
96/09/01NY, NYRecording Sessions (studio uncertain)
96/09/01bRELEASE "You Were Meant For Me" Atlantic Promo CD new version
96/09/02aNY, NYRecording Sessions (studio uncertain)
96/09/02bNY, NYTVDavid Letterman Show, Sullivan Theater
96/09/03NY, NYRecording Sessions (studio uncertain)
96/09/04aNY, NYRecording Sessions (studio uncertain)
96/09/04bNY, NYTVMTV Music Awards, Radio City Music Hall
96/09/05"You Were Meant For Me" Version #2 Video Released
96/09/06AustraliaLeave for AUSTRALIA (Press & Promo)TOUR #1
96/09/08Perth, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/09Perth, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/10aMelbourne, Australia3LO AM Radio Station ( interview & live songs)
96/09/10bSydney, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/11aSydney, AustraliaJJJ "Triple J FM Station ( interview & live songs)
96/09/11bSydney, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/12Melbourne, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/13Melbourne, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/14aMelbourne, Aus"Recovery", OZ TV (morning interview, WWSYS)
96/09/14bMelbourne, Aus"HeyHey Its Saturday", OZ TV (WWSYS)
96/09/14cMelbourne, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/15Oahu,HawaiiTurtle Bay Hilton (CANCELLED) originally scheduled to warmup Sting & Joan Osbourne
96/09/16Brisbaine, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/16?"Access Hollywood" (YWMFM video shoot clips)
96/09/17Adelaide, AustraliaPromo Tour
96/09/19New ZealandPromo Tour
96/09/20New ZealandPromo Tour
96/09/21New ZealandPromo Tour
96/09/22Puyallup, WAPuyallup Fairgrounds
96/09/25Vancouver, BC, CanPicsRichards on Richards
96/09/27Indiana, PAIndiana University of PA
96/09/28Ambler, PAAmbler Campus, Temple University
96/09/29Poughkeepsie, NYMarist College
96/10/01aRELEASE "VH1 Crossroads Live" CD "Foolish Games"
96/10/01bRELEASE "Launch" CD ROM Volume 9 "WWSYS" + CHAT
96/10/03San Diego,CACafe Crema, unnanounced guest with Rick Fagen
96/10/06Los Angeles, CAHBO Rock the Vote (CANCELLED)
96/10/07Los Angeles, CAPantages Theater lobby, Breast Cancer Benefit taping (Face of Love w/ Lenedra)
96/10/08Fresno, CAFresno Fair
96/10/09Providence, RIPicsLupo's Heartbreak Hotel
96/10/10Gainesville, FLThe Bandshell, Univ of Florida
96/10/11Houston, TXArt Institute (RealAudio Simulcast) 5:30pm
96/10/12Columbia, SCFarmAid (Last gig w/ Band)
96/10/13aTV:CNN Headline News (FarmAid clip)
96/10/13bBoston, MABoston Common
96/10/14EuropeLeave for 1st European Tour, 1st stop Amsterdam
10/15-11/10EuropeBegin European Tour (Netherlands,Germany, France & The UK)
96/10/19aFarmAidTV:"Access Hollywood" (Farm Aid clip)
96/10/19bFarmAidTV: TNN Broadcast of FARM AID (6PM-12)
96/10/20Nedrehorst den Berg,Netherlands(Vara FM) FM bcast 10/26/96 (Interview & Here When Gone,Carnivore,YWMFM,WWSYS)
96/10/21LA, CATV: Lifetime Breast Cancer Benefit (air date)
96/10/22TV:"MTV "True Tales Of Teen Trauma"
96/10/26Oslo, NorwayTV:"Wiese Show", NRK TV 1 (Who Will Save Your Soul)
96/11/01RELEASE-"Modern Rock Live" Promo CD features live Jewel track. Only available free when purchasing a Sony CD player. Coupon included in Sony CD products.
96/11/05Dublin, IrelandWhealan's Pub,25 Wexford St.
96/11/11USAReturn to the US for rest
96/12/03Durham, NHPicsWERZ Christmas Concert, Whittemore Center
96/12/04Las Vegas, NVTV:FOX: Billboard Music Awards, Hard Rock Hotel
96/12/05NY, NYZ100 "Jingle Ball", Madison Square Garden
96/12/06TV:CNN Headline News - Jewel footage from MSG, NYC(12/5)
96/12/06Boston, MAPicsWXKS 108 FM Acoustic Kissmas, Hard Rock Cafe
96/12/07Meriden, CTPicsMeriden Square Mall (Free show) KissFM "Joy of Sharing"
96/12/08Fairfax, VAWHFS "Holiday Nutcracker", George Mason Patriot Center, w/Sheryl Crow, Wallflowers & more.
96/12/09TV:MTV, Winter Lodge broadcast date (taped 12/3)
96/12/09bNY, NYTV:NBC Extra (air date) clip of Jewel entering Christian Dior Exhibit at the Met
96/12/10Houston, TXKHMX Xmas Show, Rhino Room
96/12/11St. Louis, MOWesport Playhouse (cancelled-ill)
96/12/12San Diego, CAKFMB Xmas Show, 4th & B Street (cancelled-ill)
96/12/13Universal City, CAKROQ Acoustic Xmas, Universal Amphitheater
96/12/15aTV:Good Morning America Sunday (air date) Brief Jewel interview & video clips from MSG-NYC 12/5
96/12/15bTV:MTV The Year In Rock (1st air date) Brief Jewel interview & video clips
96/12/15cSan Fransisco, CAKTIS Live 105 Green Xmas, Cow Palace, (Cancelled)
96/12/16TV:CBS American Journal (Woman In Rock segment) TV-bcast date
96/12/25aTV:MTV 120 Minutes (12/13/96 KROQ show)
96/12/25bBurbank,CATV:Tonight Show REPEAT of 12/26/95 Appearance
96/12/31San Diego, CABrick By Brick, joined the Rugburns on stage
96/12/??POY CD CERTIFIED DOUBLE PLATINUM 2,000,000+ Units Sold
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