DateCityAppearance/Notes TV = Online images
00/12/19TV: TNN SheDaisy's "SheMerry Christmas" special (taped 11/6) 8pm
00/12/13TV: NBC Tonight Show, Burbank, CA
00/12/13TV: TNN SheDaisy's "SheMerry Christmas" special (taped 11/6) 9pm
00/12/10TV: MTV Uncensored Rerun 11pm
00/12/07TV: TNN SheDaisy's "SheMerry Christmas" special (taped 11/6)
00/12/06TV: Fox Family Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve
00/11/30TV: Oxygen Network: Trackers
00/11/29TV: MSNBC Hardball with Chris Mathews
00/11/28TV: Rosie O'Donnell Show
00/11/25TV: NBC Weekend Today Show
00/11/24TV: Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (taped Nov. 8th)
00/11/08TV: ABC Politically Incorrect w/ Bill Maher (may be the Tuesday the 7th)
00/10/23TV: Comedy Central: Saturday Night Live (repeat)
00/10/20TV: MTV News 12:00pm EST
00/10/15TV: CNBC Europe; Tonight Show (19:30 UK - 20:30 CET)
00/10/12TV: Tonight Show, Burbank, CA
00/10/09TV: VH1Saturday Night Live 25: The Music (repeat 1am)
00/10/07TV: Access Hollywood
00/10/07TV: MTV Celebrity Deathmatch repeat
00/10/07TV: CBS Weekend Today
00/10/06TV: NYC David Letterman Show
00/10/06TV: VH1 & MTV News broadcast book news  throughout the week.
00/10/05TV: ABC The View 11am EST
00/10/04TV: Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
00/10/03TV: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars Repeat
00/08/27TV: Comcast Cable Broadcast of "Jewel: A Life Uncommon"
00/06/03TV: PBS Austin City Limits (airs this week, taped Feb 7)
99/12/29TV: TNN "Merle Haggard:For The Record" (2 songs, taped 10/2/99)
99/12/23TV: FAM: TSO: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve
99/12/23TV: MTV Celebrity Deathmatch
99/12/22TV: The View in NYC
99/12/21TV: Comedy: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
99/12/21TV: The Today Show in NYC
99/12/15TV: Rosie O'Donnell Show
99/12/12TV: TNT "Christmas In Washington", Wash. DC
99/12/08TV: Tonight Show, Burbank, CA
99/11/26TV: PBS "Sessions At West 54th Street" (check local listings)
99/11/26TV: Later Today Show, more from NYC
99/11/26TV: The Today Show, 2 songs in NYC
99/11/25TV: NYC David Letterman Show
99/11/25TV: CNN Showbiz Today
99/11/25TV: Access Hollywood
99/11/17TV: MTV Europe: "Making Of A Video-Jupiter"
99/11/10TV: "E" Network-Coming Attractions
99/11/10TV: NYC Live With Regis & Kathy Lee
99/11/09TV: FOX Family Channel Christmas Special 'Taping'
99/11/05TV: MTV Total Request Live, NYC (Jewel hosting)
99/11/05TV: PREMIERE "What's Simple Is True" video
99/10/25TV: Kilborn Show
99/10/21TV: Tonight Show
99/10/09TV: VH1 Netaid NJ
99/08/30TV: VH1 Storytellers Rebroadcast
99/08/18TV: VH1 Storytellers Rebroadcast
99/08/17TV: VH1 Storytellers Rebroadcast
99/08/05TV: VH1 Storytellers Rebroadcast
99/08/02TV: VH1 Storytellers Rebroadcast
99/08/01TV: VH1 Storytellers Premiere
99/07/26TV: MTV Making of Jupiter Video Premiere
99/07/25TV: Woodstock on Pay-Per-View
99/07/24TV: NBC Saturday Night Live 11.97 Rerun
99/07/23TV: NBC Today Show (cancelled due to Kennedy tragedy)
99/07/03TV: Sweden ZTV;  Madrid Concert Broadcast
99/06/10TV: CBS Late Show w/ Letterman
99/05/25TV: O-Zone Show, BBC2
99/05/23TV: Canal Plus, Spain Jewel Live in Madrid from Medicine College (Taped 2.11.99)
99/05/21TV: GMTV, London, UK 8:45am
99/05/18TV: Laat de Leeuw, Hilversum, Netherlands
99/05/13TV: NBC "Later" Show
99/05/07TV: NBC Friday Night Videos
99/05/06TV: MTV "The Tom Green Show" segment with Glenn & Jewel
99/05/05TV: CBNC "Driven" Interview (Asia)
99/04/30TV: Kelly's Show, Belfast, N Ireland
99/04/30TV: BBC Breakfast, London UK (1 song)
99/04/29TV: Ozone TV Interview, London UK
99/04/29TV: Videotech TV Show, London UK (3 songs)
99/04/28TV: MTV Total Request Live
99/04/28TV: Regis & Kathy Lee
99/04/26TV: Tonight Show w/ Leno
99/04/06UK TV: OPRAH - Taped June 9th, 1999.
99/03/09TV: Late Late Show w/ Tom Snyder (Absence of Fear & Interview)
99/03/09TV: Nickelodeon News 6am (taped in December 98)
99/03/07TV: MTV Australia Jewel Day (all day Jewel content)
99/03/06TV: VH1 "Jewel Rocks the Rockies!"
99/03/02TV: MTV BIOrythm
99/03/02TV: Comedy Central SNL repeat of Jewel performance 11am & 6pm
99/03/01TV: Foxtel: The Drum (Australia)
99/02/18TV: Late Show w/ Letterman
99/02/12TV: Spanish Show "Lo + plus" (only guest on one hour show)
99/02/10TV: Much More Music "Speak Easy"
99/01/29TV: Musimax Jewel Special (French Canadian)
99/01/19TV: Conan O'Brien
99/01/12TV: Interfax Musique Plus
98/12/24TV: Xmas Eve Broadcast from Rome. Jewel with a 100 piece orchestra & a 40 member choir. From Vatican City & broadcast throughout Europe on Xmas eve. Check local listings.
98/12/21TV: CBS This Morning ("Hands")
98/12/16TV: The View
98/12/14TV: Charlie Rose on PBS (may be on 14th or 15th)
98/12/10TV: Roseanne show
98/12/09TV: Tom Snyder Late Late Show
98/12/04TV: CTV Dini Petty
98/12/04TV: MuchMusic
98/12/03TV: CTV's "Open Mike with Mike Bullard" (repeated 12/4 at noon on Comedy Network)
98/12/02TV: NBC Lighting of Rockefeller Christmas Tree (7pm in NYC - 8pm EST everywhere else.)
98/12/01TV: Highlights of NYC Aids Benefit (watch CNN, FOX or ET)
98/12/01TV: Regis & Kathy Lee
98/11/30TV: Creative Coalition Dinner, NYC (Private, Check for highlights)
98/11/30TV: Access Hollywood (syndicated, highlights of MOYA taped 11/5)
98/11/27TV: NBC Today Show
98/11/26TV: CBS Late Show with Letterman
98/11/20TV: MTV Rerun of the ABC Rollingstone Special 8pm (EST)
98/11/19TV: NBC Tonight Show
98/11/18TV: Rosie O' Donnell (taped 11/16)
98/11/17TV: MTV Times Square 4:30pm
98/11/16TV: Fancast Webcast
98/11/14TV: NBC Saturday Night Live
98/11/12TV: ABC's Good Morning America (taped airing)
98/09/08TV: WB Network: Seventeen Magazine's "What's Hot- Seventeen's Superstars" 9pm EST.
98/09/06TV: CBS This Morning airs interview with Jewel 9-10:30am EST(recorded 7/20/98)
98/08/29TV: Bravo Network airs Jewel: Intimate & Interactive, 4pm EST.
98/07/22TV: OPRAH - Taped June 9th.
98/07/20TV: MTV Fanatic, 11pm EST
98/06/26TV: The Late Show w/ David Letterman
98/05/21TV: "Where It's At; Rolling Stone's State of the Union" 9 pm (EST)
98/05/20TV: CNN "Showbiz Today" Taping
98/05/20TV: VH1: Jewel will be taping a new half-hour special to be broadcast at a later date
98/05/19TV: Virgin (in their 13 Megastores only) 7:00-8:30PM EST LIVE Poetry Reading
98/05/19TV: ABC: 11:00 AM EST "The View"
98/05/19TV: "MTV Live" Segments Afternoon Taping
98/05/18TV: PBS: Charlie Rose (Taping)
98/03/12TV: Late Show w/ Letterman
98/02/25TV: Grammy Awards (not performing)
98/02/02TV: Rosie O'Donnell Show
98/01/29TV: The Tonight Show
98/01/26TV: American Music Awards (not performing)
98/01/25TV: SuperBowl National Anthem
97/12/27TV: Much Music, Intimate & Interactive Repeat
97/11/16TV: VH1 Behind the Music
97/09/04TV: MTV Video Music Awards
97/08/18TV: Much Music (9:00PM EST)
97/07/27TV: CBS "Sunday Morning" (9:00AM EST) Interview
97/07/24TV: MTV "Shaq Session" (10:00PM EST)
97/06/24NYC, NYTV: MTV Unplugged, Brooklyn Academy (taped 5/7)
97/06/12Santa Monica, CATV: 1997 MTV Movie Awards, Barker Hangar (taped 6/7)
97/06/02NYC, NYTV Late Show w/ David Letterman
97/05/10NYC, NYTV: Saturday Night Live, Rockerfeller Center
97/04/19TV: Kid's Choice Awards, Nickelodean
97/03/30TV: VH1, Hard Rock Live Special, 8pm
97/03/09TV: Rebroadcast: VH1 "Woman First" Special (Jewel Host)
97/03/07Burbank, CATV Tonight Show
97/03/06Toronto, OntTV: Much Music 1:45pm
97/03/03TV PBS: Charlie Rose
97/02/27NY, NYTV: "E" Network Grammy Highlights Show 11:30AM (Also, repeated from 3:30pm to 4:00pm)
97/02/27NY, NYTV: VH1 Grammy Highlights Show 6:00PM
97/02/26NY, NYTV "E" Network Grammy Arrivals, 6:00 to 8:00 PM
97/02/26NY, NYTV MTV Grammy Pre-Show , 7:00 PM
97/02/26NY, NYTV VH1 Grammy Pre-Show , 7:00 PM
97/02/26NY, NYTV CBS: Grammy Awards, Madison Square Garden, "Best New Artist" "Best Female Pop Vocal"
97/02/26NY, NYTV MTV Grammy Post-Show 11:00PM
97/02/26NY, NYTV VH1 Grammy Post-Show 11:00PM
97/02/22TV MTV Grammy Guide (taped 2/16)
97/02/14TV: NBC "Access Hollywood"Show, Grammy feature
97/01/30TV Late Show w/ David Letterman
97/01/27TV ABC: 24th Annual American Music Awards, "Best New Artist"
97/01/25TV: VH1 "Woman First" Special (Jewel Hosting 4 hours)
97/01/25TV: VH1 - "American Music Awards Nominee Special"
97/01/24MTV The Week In Rock (1st broadcast, Innaugural Ball footage)
97/01/24Los Angeles, CATV: Tom Snyder's Late Late Show
97/01/20Washington, DC Evening Video Clips on CNN & CSPAN w/ George Duke, Bela Fleck, Bob Weir, Bruce Hornsby, Sheryl Crow, Michael McDonald, Rob Wasserman, Matt Kelly & Rickie Lee Jones
97/01/20Washington, DC CNN Larry King Live (Innaugural Ball footage, Evening)
97/01/10TV:Friday Night Video Jukebox (wins most votes & a Tonight Show performance is aired in edited form)
97/01/08TV:CBS American Journal (Grammy Nominations related)
97/01/08TV:CNN Headline News (Grammy Nominations related)
97/01/07NY, NYTV Grammy Nominations,Ed Sullivan Theater, (VH1, E & Others)
97/01/05TV: MTV 120" Bestof 96 (recorded 4/28/96 - Outtake of WWSYS)
96/12/25Burbank,CATV:Tonight Show REPEAT of 12/26/95 Appearance
96/12/25TV: MTV 120 Minutes (12/13/96 KROQ show) TV-bcast date
96/12/16TV: CBS American Journal (Woman In Rock segment) TV-bcast date
96/12/15TV: MTV The Year In Rock (1st air date) Brief Jewel interview & video clips
96/12/15TV: Good Morning America Sunday (air date) Brief Jewel interview & video clips from MSG-NYC 12/5
96/12/09NY, NYTV: NBC Extra (air date) clip of Jewel entering Christian Dior Exhibit at the Met
96/12/09TV: MTV, Summer Lodge broadcast date (taped 12/3)
96/12/06TV: CNN Headline News - Jewel footage from MSG, NYC(12/5)
96/12/04Las Vegas, NVTV:FOX: Billboard Music Awards, Hard Rock Hotel
96/10/26Oslo, NorwayTV:"Wiese Show", NRK TV 1 (Who Will Save Your Soul)
96/10/22TV:"MTV "True Tales Of Teen Trauma"
96/10/21LA, CATV: Lifetime Breast Cancer Benefit (air date)
96/10/19FarmAidTV: TNN Broadcast of FARM AID (6PM-12)
96/10/19FarmAidTV:"Access Hollywood" (Farm Aid clip)
96/10/13TV:CNN Headline News (FarmAid clip)
96/10/07Los Angeles, CAPantages Theater lobby, Breast Cancer Benefit taping (Face of Love w/ Lenedra)
96/09/16"Access Hollywood" (YWMFM video shoot clips)
96/09/14Melbourne, Aus"HeyHey Its Saturday", OZ TV
96/09/14Melbourne, Aus"Recovery", OZ TV (morning interview)
96/09/04NY, NYTVMTV Music Awards, Radio City Music Hall
96/09/02NY, NYTVDavid Letterman Show, Sullivan Theater
96/08/28NY, NYTV: MTV Show Awards Preview (2 old clips)
96/08/28Chicago,ILTV:Clip, CBS This Morning (recorded prev. night)
96/08/27Chicago,ILAOL "George On" Live Internet Chat
96/08/27Chicago, ILTVMTV's Democratic Con.(aired 8/28)
96/08/24Los Angeles,CAYWMFM "New" Video shoot
96/07/31NYC, NYTV Regis & Kathy Lee taping (aired 8/9)
96/07/20NYC, NYTVMTV The Week In Rock 6-1-96 HFS Fest
96/07/17MTV Beach HouseTVMTV,Surfrider Special (broadcast date)
96/07/17NYC, NYTVRosie O'Donnell Show
96/06/13Chicago,ILJBTV Studios (unaired solo & interview)
96/06/06MTV Beach HouseTVMTV,Surfrider Special (aired 7/17)
96/06/06MTV Beach HouseTV: WWSYS performance (aired 6/24)
96/06/04Burbank, CATVTonight Show
96/06/04Brockton, MATV: Rage TV "Quiet Warrior"
96/06/01Washington DCPicHFS Fest,RFK Stadium Frisbee incident
96/05/16NYC, NYPicIrving Plaza, (Internet Simulcast) evening
96/05/13Toronto, ONTTV: Dini Petty Show,CTV, broadcast 5/14
96/04/28NYC, NYTVMTV 120 Minutes Taping
96/04/22NYC, NYTVDavid Letterman Show, Sullivan Theater
96/04/18NYC, NYTVMTV Alt. Nation, (Co hosting #2)
96/04/17NYC, NYTVMTV Alt. Nation, (Co hosting #1) broadcast
96/03/23Vail, COTVVH1 Top 20 Countdown (co-hosting)
96/03/15NYC, NYTV: CBS This Morning
96/03/??CanadaTV: Much Music ,CBC
96/02/27San Fransisco,CATV:KTVU TV Morning Show, Interview & WWSYS
96/02/15NYC, NYTVMTV News Clip broadcast
96/02/11NYC, NYTVGood Morning America
96/02/01NYC, NYTVVH1 Crossroads Live Thursday
96/01/??NYC, NYTVMike & Maty Taping, aired Feb
96/01/??NYC, NYTVGeorge & Allanah Taping, aired Feb
96/01/04NYC, NYTVVH1 Crossroads Live Thursday
95/12/26Burbank, CATV: Tonight Show
95/11/28Los Angeles, CATV: Entertainment Tonight broadcast
95/11/27NYC, NYTVConan Obrien Show
95/11/22NYC, NYTVLauren Hutton Show
95/10/10Los Angeles, CATV: Duets Taping Doheney Mansion
95/10/10Los Angeles, CAYWMFM Video #1 Filming directed by S.Penn
95/10/??NYC, NYTVVH1 Crossroads (Taped 8/22)
95/10/06Annapolis, MDFMWHFS Studios Just Passin Through
95/09/02Chicago, ILTVJBTV Studios
95/08/29Baltimore,MDOrioles Game, Camden Yards, National Anthem
95/08/29Annapolis, MDFMWHFS (WWSYS, Everything Breaks)
95/08/22VH1 Crossroads Taping of 1st appearance
95/08/04Buffalo, NYTV:"A.M. Buffalo", w/Steve Poltz (Interview & WWSYS)
95/08/??Los Angeles, CATV: Entertainment Tonight (broadcast)
95/07/20Austin, TX TV: Liberty Lunch
95/07/20Austin, TXTV: Public Access Interview
95/06/14NYC, NYTV: Regis & Kathy Lee Show
95/05/15NYC, NYTV: Conan O'brien Show
95/03/27Toronto, ONTMuch Music interview
95/03/20Toronto, ONTMuch USA "Break This", aired in June?
95/03/16RELEASE: "Who Will Save Your Soul" Promo Video
95/02/14NYC, NYTVRock Rap Show w/ Dante
95/02/13NYC, NYTV: Sound f/x taping re-bcast 2/18

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