2000 live dates

Oct 31Dem Rally, LA, CA
Nov 6Salt Lake City, UT
Nov 8Politically Incorrect
Nov 9AOL Chat
Nov15Escondido, CA
Nov16Cerritos, CA
Nov17Stockton, CA
Nov18Santa Rosa, CA
Nov26NYC, NY (reading)
Nov28Rosie O'Donnell, NYC
Nov29MSNBC: Hardball
Dec13NBC Tonight Show
2001Nothing Scheduled

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New Jewel sightings:


In Style (Cover)


    All is quiet on the Jewel front lately. Maybe something will be happening soon and we'll have it right here.

    VH1 FanclubsThis site was picked by VH1 as one of the best music websites. Thank you!

    By popular demand, the original YWMFM video directed by the actor/director Sean Penn is here for a bit.

    Did you miss Jewel on Rosie in December? Check here for the video.

    To celebrate the mess of an election, you could have downloaded the Jewel PI show from Nov 8th. Bush supporters did not find it too angelic.

    Jewel cancelled her Nov 29th's Chris Mathews' Hardball show on MSNBC as well as the chat below.

    Cancelled: Followed by a 7pm EST chat at Barnes & Noble.

    Jewel appeared on the ABC Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect late show on Wednesday November 8th. Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld), Laura Innes (ER) were co-guests.

    Free Jewel on Halloween! But you have to be amongst some ghouls to see her. She will perform Tuesday night at the Democratic Presidential Rally at Westwood Village (UCLA) in Westwood, CA. It is open to the public and Jewel will be scared up around 5:30pm local time. Read this statement from her for her politcal views.

    Jewel will be taping SheDaisy's Christmas Special on Monday at Thanksgiving Point in Salt Lake City, Utah. It will air on TNN, beginning December 7th.

    Jewel will appear on the ABC Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect late show on Wednesday November 8th.

    Jewel was on VH1's "Don't Quote Me" program (the last clip) airing Monday night. Try to catch it on a late replay.

    And now for something completely different.... Foolish Games was covered as a high tempo dance number by Marina on MKR Records. Sample it here.

    Jewel Chat: A live chat with Jewel was held at MSN on Thursday Oct 19th at 7:00pm EDT. The transcript is here.

    Jewel will be doing another book reading event at the 92nd Street Y at 1395 Lexington Avenue  in New York City on Sunday, Nov 26th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $20.00 and can be reserved by calling 212-996-1100.

    Did you catch Jewel on Leno October 12th? If not, don't miss future appearances on your home tube.

    CBS The Jewel Network: Jewel performed the debuts of a strange little diddy called "Serve the Ergo" on the CBS Late Show with David Letterman Oct. 6th and a song called "Shadows Play" on the CBS Saturday Morning Early Show on Oct. 7th.

    Jewel performed her first book reading and signing at the Barnes & Noble at Union Square in New York City on October 7th. It was followed by a short Q&Q session.

    Many people have inquired about the song Jewel performed on the View at the start of the month. It's actually a 10 month old song called "Break Me"

    Jewels' great performance at Austin City Limits in June led to jwlfan112s' transcription of the show. Check it out here.

    Jewel performed at the San Diego Street Scene 2000 Festival. Jack Chance has some photos posted here on the net.

    Jewel's debut movie, Ride with the Devil, is on video and DVD. You can order the variations here:

    Ride with the Devil (1999) DVD Keep Case

    Ride With The Devil (1999 Soundtrack CD) 

    Ride With the Devil Paperback. by J. Schamus.

    Ride With the Devil by Daniel Woodrell. Mass Market Paperback

    Jewel's Angel Standing By is featured in a critical sequence early in the film Return To Me, starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver.

    It's been quiet on the Jewel front for much of this year. She's been enjoying her time off, preparing her new book, Chasing Down The Dawn, which is available as of October 3, 2000. Look for many simultaneous promotions in conjunction with this release, such as television appearances and book signings.


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