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Jewel dressing for a prom she never attended.

MTV's House of Style Film

MTV's House of Style Film

MTV's House of Style Film

Jewels for the Prom

Jewel: Hi this is Jewel. I’m in NYC a long ways from Alaska. I never went to the prom myself but House of Style asked me to do a prom segment so I, in all my prom illiteracy, am about to do one in full flagged glory. So I thought we'd start from the base up.

I guess I’m looking for the ultimate in prom shoe wear. I’m not much of a prom shoe wear girl. I’m more of a cowboy boot kind of chick.

We have clean socks. I was pretty proud of this fact. It's hard being a musician on the road.


Jewel: My god that’s gaudy. It’s incredible. Are they me?

Hilary: That’s gorgeous.

Jewel: We got all sorts of things. Beads pearls encrusted gem stones its a jewel kind of shoe. They don’t even put the price tags on these shoes. Ha ha.

Hillary: Black strappy?

Jewel: (sings) Strappy little shoe. (She is looking in the mirror.) Girls walk I these huh? I guess they do it all the time.

Hillary: Here’s metallic. (she puts shoe next to jewels foot) Jewel is sitting on the chair again.

Jewel: I don’t know about lame. I’ve always kind of had a grudge against it in fact. I need to be like forty. I shouldn’t say such things. Okay.

Hillary: I have a feeling your in the mood for something a little bit strappy-er?

Jewel: I like strappy, what can I say.

Hilary: Yeah, the sizzle...I’ll go get it.

Jewel: Sizzle me baby. Does every shoe have a name?

Hillary: Every single shoe has a name.

Jewel: Who names them?

Hillary: Manolo Blahnik names every shoe.

Jewel: My word, what a creative guy! Is there any like great way that he names them like after lovers or anything exciting like that?

Hillary: I’m not sure exactly I know he reads all the time and I think that he gets a lot of the names from books that he reads.

Jewel: How deep. Is that one little thing gonna hold my whole toe in.

Hillary: You'll be amazed at how sturdy this is.

Jewel: I will be. (Hillary is tying the shoe)

Hillary: No you can really tie it any way that you want a lot of people prefer to tie it in the back but I like the bows in front. (she is tying the shoe on Jewel) That’s actually a steel nail heel.

Jewel: These are really nice shoes they are probably not great for prom shoes but I wouldn’t mind it if you guys just gave them to me or something like that.

Hilary: I think that you have to choose that shoe, plus you can dance all night long in those.

Jewel: You can, huh?

Hilary: Its black crepe you'll be able to wear them with a million different things after the prom.

Jewel: The cool part is your toes turn different colors than the rest of your feet. Its like color coordinated thing.

Hillary: Now for the perfect black strappy evening shoe.


Jewel: Hi, I’m looking for the ultimate prom dress...Should we go for one of these?

Woman: Yeah do this one I think this one is really beautiful. How is it?

Jewel: I don’t know what do you think?

Woman: It looks great...It’s a very nice fit.

Jewel: I don’t now what I think about it. I’m gonna try some other ones on.

Woman: Maybe this one?

Jewel: A little Joan Osbourne for me...da da da da(sings)

Woman: I don’t think you’d have to do anything to that one.

Jewel: Well, we have shoes. Not sold. (Jewel comes out of dressing room) OK da da

Woman: I think that’s the one you should go for...its so pretty--the embroidery on the side. Its a very nice old vintage slip

that makes a great dress.

Jewel: How rock and roll!


Kate: Welcome to Bulgari.

Jewel: This is where the ultimate in ultimate prom dress comes in.

Kate: Exactly, the ultimate jewels for Jewel.

Jewel: So women actually come here and buy these?

Kate: They do, actually. These are pav`e diamonds.

Jewel: What does "pave" mean?

Kate: Pave is the cut of the diamond. And since we know you’re partial to diamonds, we’re trying to find all the diamond laden ones.

Jewel: Yes, encrust them.

Kate: This next one in particular is interesting, its the head of a woman, it’s the Madonna. So do you like rubies?

Jewel: Yeah why not...Oh that feels nice, very heavy.

Kate: Do you wanna try on any earrings?

Jewel: Yeah.

Kate: You’re gonna be the hit of the Prom.

Jewel: These would look nice with that sapphire necklace, huh?

Kate: You like this one or the other one?

Jewel: I think it was.. The other one, the big one yeah.

Kate: And then to go with it we have a beautiful sapphire ring just for you.

Jewel: I have alot more fingers! Here we have guitar playing calluses, rough hands, pretty rings. Well this is the final outfit, I’m not much of a shopper so how did we do.

Kate: I think you did an amazing job.

Jewel: It's like Wonderwoman whoooching. It definitely makes it the ultimate in Prom-wear.

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