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Some of the following poetry contains or invokes mature subject matter.
Parental discretion or discussion may be advised.

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A Faded Dream

Jennifer Read

A joke
a game
a score for him
turned my life
changing me forever.
Maybe I wouldn't have stayed pure
but his deceit
was a dose of the devil
that spread through me
and not easily cured.

His hot sweaty body
muscular and heavy
weighed mine down
and blurred
my already drunk vision.
Telling me "hold tight"
taming my whimpers and squirms,
I closed my eyes in pain.

He took my innocence away
and who's to say
he regrets this day.
He was rewarded
for a piece of my life.
I may be bruised inside,
but growing strong
lift me above
his poverty in spirit.
Alone I now find
a jewel so clear inside
that never really was taken.


Jennifer Read

Tucked beneath
layers of blankies
I feel harmonized.
I smell the flickering
tea therapy candle burning,
feel the rhythm
of Madonna's "Like a prayer",
and listen
to a distant helicopter buzz.
Why now do I feel
a sudden gnawing at my stomach?
His devil eyes glare,
mangy beard
stocky build
and gaping grin
flash hot in my head.
He's dead
my dad
but alive in me.
I never really knew him
why does he chose my shell.
I suffer from his dark trail
that grips to my realities.
I posses his smug sides
A temper
that springs on sunny days
with the ones I love.
Searching for love and peace
I'm never filled.
STOP... I say,
blowing out the candle,
shutting my blinds
locking myself in the past
only perpetuates evil.


Jennifer Read

"He never gave a shit about me,"
I think sitting on the cold cement
of my garage
looking through
his soldiers' foot locker.
Brushing off the dust
from a black and white photo
I see my father in uniform.
My mother fell for
his gray eyes and appealing smile.
"What would our talks be like
as I'm now a grown woman?"
I think as I glance at the poems
he scratched on a piece of cardboard.
"My abusive, drunk father,
and lousy suicidal mother,"
he wrote, but nothing about me.
Through a murky window
I watch smoke filter out the chime ny
and wonder,
"Would we have smoked out together
from the plants he grew in his junk yard?"
His sketches of naked girls-
perky breasts
and thick hips
remind me of the women he slept with.
After his infidelity
he confessed
while laughing in my mothers face.
"If he only knew
that I'm now a woman!"
His body, now ashes,
are kept in a whiskey bottle.
Inside an envelope marked
I open a tin cigarette case
with have dissolved pumpkin seeds
and the weathered picture of me in a swing.
In checkered overalls, I sit grinning
a toothless smile.
My gray eyes
resemble his when he was young.
He kept my picture all those years.

Self Portrait

William Pompilii (wpompilii@mail.p3.net)

he sat there huddled in thought
the flowers crying in a vase
relentlessly dreaming
a blank gaze to the air
as empty as his heart
like a statue's whisper
held in silence
on a cold marble slab


Jeff Truesdell

The wind can bring the chiling felling to my body;
as does the ice of a frozen lake.
But I'll never feel as cold as when
life turns its head on myself.

Warmth is comfort
a feeling of friendly human emotion
something a soul as mine has not felt
for cold is always the wining fighter
in my life.


Christian Lobenstein (p6loch@dagobert.rz.uni-jena.de)

I am a wave, but life is a rocky coast.
Everytime I nearly beat it, it breaks me again.
But at every try I improve and one day I will make it.

I'm a eagle in the sky, the earth so far below.
I've got the freedom, but am not independent.
From time to time I have to return to the ground.

Every day is a new page in the book of life.
The story changes direction, unexpected sometimes.
And each white page is a challenge you have to accept.


Tony McGrorey

What if the sky werent blue
What if the clouds werent white
What if there were no tears
What if lies werent told
What if hearts werent broken
What if friends werent there
What if children never had to cry
What if hearts werent gold
Would love still feel as good


True love is never noticed
It can be right there
But it is unseen
You dont notice it
Because to you it is not there
It is right there in your hands
You will only see it as it slowly slips between your fingers
And into the cracks of heartbreak
Only then can you see true love


Michael Todd

The road was dark for both our souls,
And our hearts were growing limp.
Love had not found its way to us,
Or at least that was what we thought.
We found eachother across the web,
And became great friends at that.
Though there was always a connection,
or a driven force, we were blind to it.

Until one day, we found our way,
And confessed our undying love.
And in joy, were our hearts,
We knew that we were saved.
We now wait for each passing day,
Hoping that love will find a way for us to be together.
But our hope grows dim,
As the sun decends on the baked Earths crust.

We have our doubts,
And we share them openly.
But no matter how hard we try,
It seems we will never be together.
Standing alone in the shadows are we,
just like Everyday Angels Standing By.
Things might be dim, but that bright candle shines
Because love is in our hearts, and forever on our minds.

Sometimes I Attempt a Dream

Cassady Sniatowsky

Sometimes I attempt a dream,
Of both myth and Bliss.
Staining my lips this taste
So tender, cuts my joyous
Suffering. Attempted I seek
This dream of nothing and
Everything in one shell. Dreamt
Sometimes my mind flutters and
My heart skips a beat. I try but I feel
Alone yet eyes burn my soul laying siege to
My acient heart. Feeling crushed, cudgeled, and cuddeled
I lay my dream, my precious dream down at their feet. Cold
Yet comforting they drown me creating an abyss where my thoughts
used to flow so fervously.
But alas
Sometimes I attempt a dream,
Such a lonely Dream it is.

After Life Of the Party

I feel. Alone.
Comfort is mellow sounding ballads
Found in the dusty air.

I never do things to upset.
I never do things for gain of respect.

I like her
Too much
Aproach has been hard to
attain. Drunk by bewilderment
I lay here sinking in disgust.
I ask for release.

What have I done?
I don't get it.
I need to get through to her
Before I start to
Live or Die.

I scream out.
Can't I just be honest?
My mouth is paralyzed by her
gaze of lust.


Name Withdrawn

A feeling inside
Happening more often than it should
Wishing I was with you
In more ways than I could

I know what you're saying
And I know what you do
Ain't no use in playing
These foolish games with you

Cause it's me that's whispering
And it's you that's glarring
It's hard to watch you
While my eyes are starring

But I got stories to tell
And a bag full of tears
Just send your sweet kiss
To wash away my fears


Lise (landman1@neosoft.com)

Beauty washes back and forth like
waves upon a desolate beach.
Deep beauty being helplessly dragged
back under the heavy blanket of water.
Pulled down to where it becomes ugly,
shallow, and blending with every other.
Beauty to be maintained, beauty to be
kept, beauty to be lost.


Sarah Ganly

I hate you when you tell me you'll love me til I die
I hate you when you hold me and I really don't know why
I hate you and your laugh
I hate you and your smile
I hate you right now
but, just for a little while

The Way to True Love

Ian Schwartz

Her face shines like a precious stone,
Her beauty reflects like that for which she was named.
They call her the Everyday Angel.
Well, they were batting oh-five-hundred.
Angel? Granted. Everyday?
I shouldn't even have to answer that.
A single gem catches the eye.
The cuts so perfectly made,
One might think it comes not from a man,
But from a higher being.
No matter the subject,
She brings it to life.
Her voice echoing through my ears,
Like a cannon shot through a canyon.
Few know why she is here.
Few are blessed with that knowledge.
She is here to live her own life her own way,
Yet in doing so happiness follows her.
Whether in a San Diego coffee house,
Or on a stage with Nathan Lane,
The crowds rush in.
She has one purpose.
Her music,
Her voice in all its purity,
That is the one thing which can truly save our souls.
That is the one thing which lasts through the night.
That is the one thing which gives us comfort.
That is the way to true love.


Lisa Franz

Little "get togethers" helped
bring us together.
Friends always told us we
looked like the perfect couple.
I have always believed
them in what they said.
Since we have been together
I have thought of My days are warm and
my heart is happy.
I wish my life to never
end since I have you.
I waited to be with you
since the beginning of time,
and now I have
my time of luck.
You can tell me inside
and out and all
of my feelings,
though they are hidden
from the world.
I have the best life.
And to think that only
seeing each other occasionally
made us this close.
And all I have to say is,
I love .........
As I awake,
I realize that this was
only a dream.
How could I dream
a dream so real?
My life was so happy
and now I come
into reality where
everything goes wrong.
I want to dream
and stay there.
It is so real,
but not true.
Why did I wake?


Lisa Franz

When I ask a question
Will you understand the meaning?
When I say something odd
Will you understand the point?

What I'm truly asking you is if
You understand the meaning,
Of what I really am.

I'm not too confusing,
And I'm hopefully not too boring.
But what I'd like to know is
Do you understand?

Why Do You....

Lisa Franz

You still have a great
hold on my heart
and that's not by choice.
I have tried to forget
your voice,
your touch,
and your existence.
I started to forget,
but then you keep
walking back in and
back out as soon
as you walk in.
Stop making my feelings
run wild and then
stop everything!
My feelings can't be
tossed around.
Why are you always
there when I become
strong and independent? my life up in a second
just to be there
when you call me,
and I am at your will.
I just have one
question for you...
Why do you do this
to me,
of all people?


Jenny A.

She's all alone. Nobody's around.
Her slow breathing is the only sound.
She thinks of things in her past.
Knowing her life's gone much too fast.
Remembering fingers of all the men.
She hates the places she has been.
It's not only places that she hates.
She hates herself. She has no faith.
She always had to be on her own.
Now she has no one. She's all alone.
Nasty thoughts going through her mind.
She thought to herself, "now is the time."
She never realized what she had.
Never looked at the good side, only the bad.


Jenny A.

The song "Foolish Games" has inspired me to write this poem

I don't need to look at you to see right through you.
I don't need to hear your negligent words to know you're lying.
I don't need to smell your cologne to know it's cheap.
I don't need to see you alive when inside you're dying.

I don't need a kiss to know it's meaningless.
I don't need pleasure when it's your fun.
I don't need an anniversary card to know you forgot.
I don't need a lot when it means none.

I don't need your apologies to know you don't mean it.
I don't need your sorrow when I know you don't give a damn.
I don't need your optimism to know you're a pessimist.
What I need is your opposite man.

My Dream, my Quest

Chris Cadorna

If man gave up his dream to fly...
Even though he was born without wings...
He would never soar through the sky...

If I gave up my dream of you calling me friend...
Even though we don't have a chance in hell...
I might never be your friend in the end.


Henry Halim

There can never be
Only one possesses
Such resiliance and strength
Yet talent and grace
Only one can make me feel
The way that she does
And only one
Can sing not to my ears, but to my soul.
There will never be

First Love


I saw you standing there,
And was overwhelmed with thoughts of golden rays...
Think about the words,
There is not time for looks...
The time is soon,
And my body sways like rows of grain...
I move to the fly trap,
For love is a dangerous but irresistable pasttime...
Your figure a flower of perfection,
And a smile from the goddess of true love...
Thewords elude my cotton mouth,
And jump to empty air, fogotten...
I stare and touch your shoulder,
Even softer to the touch...
Soon an ugly pile without words speaks,
And achieves the wish of a lifetime...

Her Look Back


She looks back at her father who is sipping his coffee like he always does,
She takes time to admire her self in the mirror to make sutre there is nothing wrong with her hair,
For a moment she totally forgets that she is alive or where she is going,
She looks back again and sees the sun of the hill rising behind the clouds with a orangish glow,
She is happy and he takes a moment to see the clouds move,
She looks back and asked herself why she is doing what she is doing or going
where she is going or even thinking what she ios thinking,
She takes time to kiss her father goodbye and tell her sister that she will
be waiting for her after school,
She then again looks back and begins to cry,
Nothing is the same,
She looks back,
That someday she wil have the courage to look back again once again without

Between You and Me

DJ Harrington

And what is it that we've learned
And what is it that we have left to say
Of all the time and tears
Only three words remain
Between you and me
What would you tell if you could
Would you talk of love discovered
Would you speak of candelight and late nights
Of all the time that was spent
Only three words remain
Between you and me

And if you could make the past the present
What would stand in the way
And if you could make the present the forever
Would you wait for eternity to save the day
Of all the dreams of pasts and futures
Only three words remain
Between you and me

And if I reached for your hand in the night
Would I find flesh or fantasy
And if I called for you in my dreams
Would you answer love's call
Of all the nights and dreams
Only three words remain
Between you and me

If someone told you your love awaits
Would you allow a smile upon your face
And if someone told you your soul mate still cares
Would that be enough to light the way
Of all the love held in reserve and waiting for one day
Only three words remain
Between you and me

There is much between you and me
And you know what I mean before it is said
Of all the words I could use to describe a heart's desire
Only these three words remain between you and me
I love you

Hymn To An Angel

Anthony Siver

Here I am
Here I sit
I part this life to rise to Heaven

To live is to love
To love is to kill
If I can't learn the way
I will have to stay

As I lay so cold and lifeless
My soul I know rises

In my life you had my love
Now in death you musy fill the hole
I gave when I went away

If you love to sorrow's end
You shall find a the gate to make it end

I shall soon leave this world to become as one
In the end you will find the way
As long as you forever pray
You shall lessen the price I have to pay

Love I leave you now behind
As I pass you I give hope
To all I this unseeing world

Jewel and the Everyday Angels

Mark Awit

Jewel inspires me with her music,
She inspires me with her poems.
The sweetness of her voice,
Is one I've never known.

If ever there was an angel,
>From God to women and men,
Jewel would be that angel,
Earth angel from heaven.

To hear her sing is grace,
Grace that dances through your core.
That triggers every emotion,
Always wanting more.

Hands manifest thought,
She always says.
Living in a van,
Makes you no less.

Happiness flows through me,
Everytime Jewel smiles.
Her whispering laughter,
Can be heard thousands of miles.

Bright as day,
>From day to night.
Her beauty flows,
She is quite a sight.

But don't be fooled
By the beauty that sparkles from her.
Because her inner-beauty
Is even greater.

Everyday angels,
We must strive to become.
Spirits rise to the heavens,
In the warmth of the sun.

In our hearts is where
Our fragile flame dwells.
We are very proud to be
Everyday Angels!

Smiling Back

Lynda Rheinecker

i like to make
funny faces
when i can't think
of anything to
and you laugh
and i smile

and a blanket of
toasty warmth
covers us
from the cool
of doubt
that we once knew
that once blew us

but i guess
you remembered my
remembered one time
when i threw
the mask to the floor
and told you
the everything you
now whisper
to me...


don't see you anymore
don't know anymore than
i thought all this space
could reveal
but transcending truth
only leaves me in snow
now so cold
without you
but i don't really want
to know why
you hurt me
why i had to say goodbye
and fumbling for
a spell
i notice that
all that you've not
is what i feel

No Title

Stephanie K

As I walk
through the
I can't help
but notice
the blackness
of this night
just like
a pin
in my
cuz we
all know


Megan McChez

I find myself in the shade watching you
Through the treebranches
I don't feel like hearing how you're
Latest romance is...working out
You always come to me when you get hurt and
I don't know what to do
Its so hard for me to reach out a hand and
Comfort you
I look into you're blue eyes and
Into you're face
My heart starts beatin' wildly
'Cause you took it from its place
Everyday more and more
I care
For me not to have you
Just wouldn't be fair



She wipes her tear stained face.
She wears her innocence like a flower.
Her petals get picked off slowly.
Until one day they are all torn off before they are ripe.
She cries to the night gods for another rose.
But hers was taken away long ago.
She gives herself to anyone.
What does it matter now?
She was saving her petals for the one she loved.
But he came to late.

Help Me!

Jessica Titus

Help me!
I'm drownding
In decisions
That are creating a wirlpool
Driving me down
Into its depths
Help me!
No air
My heart is exploding
Pounding, but not loud enough
To block out the sound of
The rushing waters
Wispering my woes
Quietly demanding my attention
Help me!
The fish are carniverouse
I am their food
Peple pick and pick
'Til there is nothing left
But a carcuss
A waste product with out a mind
Help me!
Pressure of the water
The weight all on me
Decisions, decisions
Crushing me
Ripping me apart
Help me!
I'm bleeding
Salt water washes it away
Stinging my wounds
But cleaning them
Thank god
Help me!
I'm afraid of the tunnel
It's so bright
I can't see
When I reach the end
It's a new begining
With a looming new finnish

For the boy who I'd let break my heart a billion times

Ashley Paige

dont tell me what you're thinking
i can see it in your eyes
but maybe if youll just pretrend
ill go along with your disguise

please dont break my heart now
because you have it in your hands
and i cant afford to lose it
but you never listen to my demands

but if you would just smile
and hold my hand real tight
i think i could let you break my heart
a billion times a night

im so happy in this place
and you act like its okay
but i know you're gonna leave me
when i want you to stay

repeating part

your smile is a mask
that covers up your ploy
and even though i know its hp'ning
im willing to be your toy ~rethinking this

and you say "sweetie,
we really need to talk
so i close my eyes and talk a breath
and let you lead me on a walk

repeating part

oh god my heart is breaking
and the tears begin to fall
fuck you dumbass bastard
you nearly had it all

and if you had just stayed
and held my dirty hands
i would be okay now
still your number 1 fan

please dont stand there anymore
just seeing you makes me cry
but...if you miss me
just give me one more try

because if you had just smiled
and held my hand real tight
i know i would have let you break my heart
a billion times a night

Everyday Angel

Robert M. Nalagan

When I feel like I've gone too far to quit, but am to weak to go on,
I can look to my Everyday Angel to give me strength to go on.
When it seems hopeless and they have me surrounded like a prisoner,
My everyday angel saves me eventhough I am a sinner.

Dreams can come true everyday all you need to do is pray.
And when you start to feel down,your Everyday Angel
will steal your frown.
Earth is not Heaven I know that now,
to forever thank her is my solemn vowe.
So when the odds are against you,
Always remember your everyday angel is beside you.

Waste of a dream

God, how could I have been so moronic,
I fell in love with a dream never to come true.
I gave my heart to a fantasy and now I pay the price.
Why can't this be real instead of a waste of a dream?

Sleep breaks my heart now,because you're always in my dreams.
Why did I have to go and waste my dreams on someone like you?
You are always so perfect in everything you do.
Why did you have to go and be my friend,
or say you'd be with me till the end.
Why is it so hard to forget about you?
Why did I have to fall in love with you?


Christian Paquette

What hurts?
Is it a god like being instructing our senses?
Is it a break up?
Is it a good friend saying the last good bye?
Is it something you can't have?
Is it someone you can't touch?
Is it nothing at all?
is it boiling water, scaulding your skin?
Is it frozen dreams?
Is it melted pictures in your mind?
Is it teinted images on your television?
Is it a bad childhood memory?
Is it love?
Is it death coming?
Hurt doesn't hurt...it just helps us deal with a crappy world.

Just Another Poem

Christian Paquette

It's ink on paper
that can't be erased
it's a thought that's yours
yours and yours alone
no one can touch it
even the evil man in your dreams
it's yours to cherich
because it's a part of you
a part of you for all to see
that's put on paper
to others, it's just another poem
but to you, it's a perfect image of your thoughts


Christian Paquette

just another face in the crowd
not a care in the world
I'm asking myself about him
a million questions...
he's my main area of focus
yet he doesn't even notice me
he doesn't know who's watching him
could be 20 people gazing
accross a crouded street corner
I bet he's married with kids
I bet he's a wonderful person inside
I know he's wonderful inside, I have proof
not from answering my own questions
but from my eyes
there's a way I can tell
I bet he's special
one of the few
he doesn't know it though
the yellow barrier blocks me
I want to see more
I want to know his name
Intrigue is common human nature
but being curious hurts sometimes
my eyes hurt from his sight
people look at him and then walk away
like he's not special
but he is to me
the badges don't realise it either
they've seen it too much
my eyes hurt from the red
he is gone now
I will miss him even though
I didn't know him
I miss him as I see him being driven by the ambulance.

My Foolish Games

Mark A. Sengenberger

I lower my eyes from the ceiling fan
as the piano hums a soft opening
And I hear her voice
That voice
That devil-may-care-but-he-never-called-back voice
singing the first few lines...

You took your coat off
Stood in the rain
You were always crazy like that

A few seconds, as my eyes focus past the glittering of
her dark blue dress
Echoing reflections of the lights
As she rolls onto her back
I can feel myself levitate, my eyes floating
five feet above her and I stare at her mouth She sings...

I watched from my window
Always felt I was outside
Looking in on you

She closes her eyes as she delivers the sweet melody What is she thinking about?
and would a few more drinks help me be a part of it? She sings...

You were always the mysterious one
With dark eyes and careless hair
You were fashionably sensitive
But too cool to care

She bends her knees and lifts her stomach to the air
I can see right under her
I can see right through her
I can see right into her
but I can't be where I can see
Can I?
She sings...

Then you stood in my doorway
With nothing to say
Besides some comment on the weather

She raises her head and lifts her eyelids Squinting, the sudden rush of light to a newborn
I feel her focus
And I am a spectator
Hoping I am sitting in the right place at the right time
like a fan waving his arms for an autograph Well, just a peek will do
She sings...

In case you failed to notice
In case you failed to see
This is my heart bleeding before you
This is me down on my knees
These foolish games are tearing me apart

The hum of the piano stops
We all clap together, in appreciation
and exchange quick thoughts on the performance "Didn't she have a wonderful voice?"
of course, but truthfully,
I don't know I would have noticed
if it were anybody else's

{lyrics copyright 1995 Wiggly Tooth ASCAP}

Poems by Liz

- Liz (JEWELFAN22@aol.com)

Darkness falls and another day is over
memories diminish with each new sunset
my head is filled with confusion, sorrow and happiness
buzzing like a swarm of bees
we came together
we shared life and love
now it is over
soon these memories will fade like the sun at dusk
the joy I feel now will be suffocated by the black humid night
and left to rot in the heat of the noon day sun
I try to grasp that which is writhing out of my tender hands
It will soon break free of my nuturing grip
and be no more

Sorrow consumes my body
happy days are over
never again to be matched
a piece of me is missing
I will never be the same
all the angels have left me
so I wallow in pathetic depression

The morning sun glistens on the lake before me
while an emptiness in my heart still sits
the birds are sweetly singing their songs
but their voices do not cheer me
I long to be happy
I need to be happy
A cock crows in the distance
but I just can't get one voice out of my head
the voice of an angel that lulls me with each note said or sung
The angel follows me consuming my whole being
until a warm light eminates from my body
forcing anyone who comes near to smile

The days are limited
and I can't say that I am sad
so many cry
while I just sit by and watch
I try to comfort
I try to console
I am content with God's presence
I know he is with me
I do not question that
However I am not down
I am happy
I feel God and I know I will feel him for my lifetime
I am grateful for the time that I have had
but it just doesn't compare
to the warmth I felt
when I was in the presence of an angel and her followers

Sign Of The Morning After

- Angelica (ASM95002@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU)

The "kids", as you like to call us
Stand patiently outside the venue doors
Waiting to get even just a second long glance
of you
Waiting to catch a glimpse of a smile
Or die for some eye contact

I miss you so much
This slight depression is a sure sign of the morning after
I miss your voice
I miss your flesh as real as the body of a friend who never runs out of hugs
My hands now hold empty
But my arms remember the way they held you
Trembling in the gazes of those people who await their turn
But you finally set my nerves at ease with your smile

Being in love with you hurts
You're a star on the verge of becoming a super
You're one to be adored, truly, wholly, undeniably
Living a big life
And all I can do is hope that you are well
In your many, many travels
To strange and foreign lands
All I ask is that you are guided
And loved by the people who surround you
Taking care of you
I hope that the hearts you touch touch yours as well
Because you are in a unique position of being a hero
To so many people
Who may look to you for needs within themselves
They may listen to your words for understanding
And overfill their senses with your voice searching for a reason to live

So, Jewel, I will hear about the things you've done
And I will read about the things you are yet to do
I will share the joy you give and the wisdom you hold
To anyone who will care to listen
And I will smile when I hear your voice on the radio
Or see your beautiful image on the screen and magazines
And I hope that destiny, or chance, or luck, or random occurances
Or your tour manager
Takes you back to the road where the paths of our existence somehow intertwine
Because as a sign of the morning after,
A kind of emptiness accompanies my peace of mind
Because now you are too far away
And I only have my words and my poetry
To be able to try and reach you way up there in your sky
Where only Angels fly and become stars bright enough to light the
world with her brilliance.

'Twas the Night Before Jewelstock

- Peter (pjones@mail.comet.net)

Twas the night before Jewelstock
And all through the land
Not an angel was stirring
Not even the band

For they knew the next eve
What revery there'd be
For the true angel herself
Would begin in just the right key

She'd start with "Amen"
And move to "Daddy"
And though she'd said no
There'd be a loud yodel plea

"Who will save your soul"
She'd sing out
Knowing full well
What the fans truly wanted would not come about

She'd be wary of frisbees
Although as we all know
The frisbee guard
Would not miss a throw

They'd dive for their lives
Knowing the fact
That if one dared get by
They'd all be attacked

But knowing this crowd
As we all so do
Nothing would be thrown
But "pieces of you.

"Good night" she'd cry out
Thanking us all
"For you are the ones
that heard my sweet call."

You are the fans
That give me the base
To travel around
And fill up each place

I'll sing for you all
This one final song
And then I'll be out
To join in the throng."

Sing on oh Jewel
And then join us for fun
As we all stay up
And welcome the new sun

For we'll party til dawn
And then perhaps more
Until the next eve
When we hear your new score.

A Walk In The Corridor

- Adam (xenomorph@sprynet.com)

Cold tile beneath my feet
Curls my toes and crooks my walk
Humming wheels chase me from behind
Fear I turn around to let my gaze overcome me

Rolling needles, liquid saviors
Sterile injections
Prolonged oasis or resisting heaven?

Lights in the sky glow eerily
Flashing, beaming, strobe to my heavy eyes
My lids need crutches
My hallucinations are having visions

Dragging my feet through puddles of red
Warms my toes and slushes my walk
Splashing nurses pass me with clipboards
Fear I see them, feel their pen in my eye

Sharp deliverance, dulling pain
Recycled needles
Environmentally sound or exercise in futility?

Stench beneath my feet
Swirling around me and dizzying my walk
Maternity cages on either side of me
Eyes so young, they can almost see death

Crying babies, soothing mothers
Sterile fathers and virile lovers
Miracle of life or birth of a cadaver?

No Reason To Grieve

- Adam (xenomorph@sprynet.com)

Grips me
Surrounded by joy
I wish to be

From a fellow angels wing
I listen alone in silence
Waiting for that bell to ring

Tears freeze
Before they finish descending
Is this a symbol of joy
Or is it really ending

I float
In the darkened theatre shadows
In the once festive back rows

Conspiracy of questions
Builds within me
Dreams of solitude
Replace the reunions of ones that never parted

To part is to break
To depart is to leave
The Angels have done neither
So I have no reason to grieve

Everyday Angels We Must Be. . .

- Adam (xenomorph@sprynet.com)

written on the flight home from Jewelstock to Florida

Clouds lay beside me
Reflecting white light
As clouds should be

Edges turn cold
Harden with grey
Icicles of sky scrape my skin
Are they fragments of mother nature
Or shreds of a man-made plane

I can not see
I can not tell
My training taught me this was heaven
But maybe, just maybe
This is Hell

I don't believe so
It is cold
And light
Contrasts of nature

Air goes thin and the devil must breath
The fire is extinguished
The smoke set free
There are angels among us
Everyday angels we must be. . .

Angel Makes A Face

- Adam (xenomorph@sprynet.com)

written on the flight home from Jewelstock to Florida

The fog has lifted
Clouds are now rays of sun
Anticipation turns to memories
Daylight is clearer
not focused, longer
Darkness is blurred
Sleep comes easily, shorter

As the color fades
The image lose power
Sharpness dulls
Grey matter devours what was once so vivid
The natural highs that fed us for days
drain out of our bodies, emotions less livid

So delicate the balance
of our friendship's existance
A mere typo, deletion or mistaken confusion
turns to flames, disconnections and disappearances

Distances, words, nicknames may change
Our memories stay within us, in part or whole
What was once a blip of text
Now has a face and a soul

Do You Believe In Angels?

- Adam (xenomorph@sprynet.com)

Do you believe in angels?
I do.
Do you believe in heaven?
Do you believe in lust?
Do you believe in passion?
Do you believe in love?
I do.

Do you believe in faith?
I do.
Do you believe in trust?
Do you believe in honesty?
Do you believe in truth?
Do you believe in justice?
I do.

Do you believe in loyalty?
I do.
Do you believe in compassion?
Do you believe in sympathy?
Do you believe in religion?
Do you believe in God?
I do.

Do you believe in angels?
I do.
Do you believe in hell?
Do you believe in hate?
Do you believe in absolution?
Do you believe in despair?
I do.

Do you believe in improbity?
I do.
Do you believe in betrayal?
Do you believe in lies?
Do you believe in deceit?
Do you believe in corruption?
I do.

Do you believe in treachery?
I do.
Do you believe in malevolence?
Do you believe in severity?
Do you believe in impiety?
Do you believe in Anti-Christ?
I do.

Do you believe in angels?
I do.
Do you believe in intolerance?
Do you believe in understanding?
Do you believe that one belief is right?
Do you believe that one belief is wrong?
I don't.

Poetic Justice

- Adam (xenomorph@sprynet.com)

Lying in the dust of poetic justice
I've been accused of mis-loving a princess
A mind confused, breathing in stale air
Remembering lost loves, icing a red flame
A playground once inhabited by a lovers soul
Is now haunted by that same lost embrace
To touch, to caress, to feel inside this vacant hole
If only I could say my final goodbyes face to face
The keys to the locks around my space are held by another
Until they are released, I will continue to smother
The seeds have been planted for an emotional revolution
Hearts warming, oxygen thickening, chain links breaking,
uncontrollable evolution

Wedding Dress

- Adam (xenomorph@sprynet.com)

Warm wet tears, warm dry tears, invisible tears
She sat in a garden, surrounded by roses,
wilted beyond their years
Her white laces wedding dress, faded by smoke,
showing remnants of dreams
A bridal vein covering, expressions of sadness,
madness it seems
Her shoes with white satin, crosses carved deep,
ribbons now worn
White gloves on her hands, soft white hands,
now tattered and torn
Soul naked and cold, death brings morning,
thoughts of a child never born
Engravings speak silently, from stones in the round,
everlasting love
Warm wet tears, warm dry tears,
invisible tears fall on the one that speaks her name

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