You're So Small

"I went to school here in Michigan at a place
called Interlochen, and, uh, there's a lot of dancers there.
About 60% of the dancers were either anorexic or bulemic.
And I often blamed it on their boyfriends.
So I wrote this about that.
I didn't agree with that, by the way."

Gonna walk down the street
and seduce every man I meet
because I'm having a bad day.
I am
not size six.
My legs are not
skinny as sticks
and dammit, someone's got to pay.
(That's the power of a woman, ohhhh)

I feel unattractive.
I'm gonna see if it's true.
I'm going to break a heart or maybe two.
I'm gonna put on a sexy red thing
Gonna run very late
I'm gonna pull some strings
Cause my strength is in my
power over you.
(the power of a woman)

But I'm afraid that I can't satisfy myself
And that my happiness depends on someone else.
I feel weak, so you're gonna take the fall.
You're so small, you're so small, you're so small.
You're so small, I feel fat, you're so small.
You're so small, I don't feel anything, cuz you're so small.

Transcribed by Aaron Matthew Suever




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