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Online Chat with Jewel from MSN, 10.19.2000
Jewel's Vote 2000 Statement
CD Tracklist for Chasing Down The Dawn

Moby On Possible Collaboration With Jewel
Jewel is a gem with many facets, including acting 12/17/99
CMJ New Music, Dec 99
Singer Jewel's Screen Debut Is a Gem 12/5/99
Jewel's shy but polished 9/17/99
POP UP Video "Hands" transcript
Jewel on Glamour
Jewel supporting sweatshops?
Jewel's yodels, preens to spice bland show 8/8/99
Jewel a little lost in Riverbend-size arena 8.6.99
AOL Online Chat 6/25/99
Mail On Sunday, UK 5/9/99
Mother's & Daughters: USA Weekend, 5/8/99
Jewel shines on debut of HDTV Q&A with Jewel 4/3/99
WTC Harbour Pavilion, Singapore, Wednesday, 3.31.99
Huisgenoot (Afrikaans magazine)
May 1999 Q, March 4, 1999 Jewel &Steve Poltz 3/3/99
Elle Interview, January 99
"This Jewel is honest, playful, and has a quick temper."
"I'm always mistaken for Baby Spice"
Jewel is still unknown in France
Tons of Spirit Reviews & Blurbs
Controversy in Sydney: A rough diamond
Jewel Control
No longer a Jewel in the rough Jewel Sparkles Over Spirit Of New LP
Time Out, Nov 11-18 London edition
Jewel Refines Her Musical 'Spirit', 10.09.1998
Morissette & Jewel, EW
A Rare Jewel Of A Poetic Parody
Jewel Scratches Surface With First Volume Of Poetry
Red glare of doubt bursting over Jewel's Super Bowl gig
Jewel's Super Bowl gig
17: Jewel on Film
May 19, 98 MTV Live Interview
NME, June 7, 1997
Blockbuster Previews, June 1997
JEWEL 'Friends' friendly folk, June 14, 1997
MOJO, July, 1997
Hard Rock, TV Guide May 24, 1997
Concert Review, LA Times Special 4/4/97
Concert Review, Hollywood Reporter 4/2/97
Jewel, New Times, Los Angeles 3/27 - 4/2/97
ATN Article, April 1, 1997
Island Ear, Music Profiles - Issue #464
Indianapolis Review, March 22, 1997
REVIEW/CABLE: Jewel Kicks Off 'Hard Rock' Special
Free Press, March 14, 1997
The Glimmering Facets of Jewel, March 13, 1997
Jewel, Big-Hearted, March 1997
Online Jewel Chat, March 10, 1997
Jewel Cops a Platitude, New York, March 4, 1997
Jewel shines despite sore throat & feelings, New York, March 4, 1997
Natural Gem, Jewel charms at the Orpheum
Jewel pays price of success, still sparkles; Jewel at the Orpheum
Rock Notes: Hard work has polished Jewel's career
Request, A Portrait of the Artist as a Very Young Woman
Flea Discusses Working with Jewel
Jewel stands up for VH1
Pop Singer Jewel And Other Musicians Gather For Inauguration
Spin Magazine, February, 1997
People Magazine, January 2, 1997
BS Magazine, August 1996
Music Revue Magazine July 1996
SPINOnline Interview on AOL, November 21, 1996
Jewel in UNH Campus Paper, December 6, 1996
Jewels Case : Details, October 1996
Guitarworld November 1996 Tune-up
Launch Magazine
Access Hollywood transcript
Jewel in Seattle Times: September 19, 1996
ASCAP article on Jewel's promotion.
Jewel Online Chat from Convention.
Jewel from the Democratic National Convention
Jewel in People Weekly from JFK Jr's Democratic Party.
Jewel is now sitting pretty in her new platinum setting
Spin - Finding Their Religion
This Jewel Is A Real Gem
Jewel proves she's more than an opening act at Seattle show
React, July 22-28, 1996
Genre, July-August 1996
Crescendo, Summer 1996
Dayton Daily News: July 12, 1996
A log of Official Atlantic Records Jewel Press Releases
Stereotype: Jewel is Golden at LIFEbeat Party
Review: Soundtrack to "I Shot Andy Warhol"
BFD Fest Recap
BFD Fest: Women rockers make cocky hip again
Angelic Upstart Shoots For The Stars
Addicted To Noise Reports, June 6, 1996
Frisbee incident, Wire Report
RollingStone June 13th, 1996: Mining For Gold
Orlando Sentinel, June 4, 1996
Spin June 1996: The New Bohemian
New York Times (Monday 20 May 1996)
Toronto May 15 1996: Sparkles in Opera House Concert
Hollywood Reporter, May 7, 1996: John Anson Ford Theater
San Diego Union, May Day Celebration
LA Times Review
NOW, March 1996
7UP New Artist Article
Alaskan: Homesteader Jewel Dazzles National Music Scene
Jewel Profile: San Diego
Jewel Precious At College Concert
Transcription of CITY TV's (a Toronto-based television station) The New Music:
Seventeen October 1995: Jewel's Favorite Things
NOW, June 1995
Toronto Sun, June 9 1995: She's Gem Dandy!
People Magazine
Hitting the Yellow Brick Road: The Rise of Jewel Kilcher
Jewel Promo Interview with San Diego 91X
Buzz Talking Music: Jewel In The Rough
March 14th 95 Pieces Review
ATN Pieces of You Review
San Diego Pieces of You Review
San Diego: Video Debut
San Diego: May Day 1994
Jewel to record at site of her sparkling debut
CD Release Party Review
Pices of You Liner Notes By Jewel

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