1999 tour dates

Oct 9Netaid NJ
Oct 19Release-Woodstock CD
Oct 21Tonight Show
Oct 25Kilborn Show
Nov 2Joy Release
Nov 3"RWTD" UK Premiere
Nov 5PREMIERE "WSIT" video
Nov 8LIVE Alloy.com CHAT
Nov10TV NYC Live w/ Regis
Nov10TV "E" Coming Attractions
Nov11Z100 FM Radio NYC
Nov11NYC Glamour Awards
Nov23Release- "RWTD" Soundtrack CD
Nov25TV Access Hollywood
Nov25TV CNN Showbiz Today
Nov25TV Letterman Show
Nov26TV The Today Show
Nov26TV Later Today Show
Nov26CD Signing, Coconuts, NYC
Nov26TV "Sessions/54th"
Nov30Release Jewel video
Dec 8Boston, MA FM WXKS
Dec 8Boston, MA FM STAR
Dec 8TV Tonight Show
Dec 9Denver, CO (concert)
Dec10Release "RWTD"
Dec12TV TNT "Christmas..."
Dec15TV Rosie
Dec15Boston, MA (concert)
Dec16Portland, OR (concert)
Dec17San Diego, CA (oncert)
Dec21TV The Today Show in NYC
Dec22TV The View in NYC
Dec29TV TNN "Merle Haggard"

Pieces Of Jewel
Album/Single ChartTWLWPK
Billboard 20054463
Down So LongTWLWPK
BB Hot 100------
BB Adult 40------
R&R Hot 20172417
R&R Pop263426
Casey Top 40------
Dees Top 40------
VH1 Top 10------
MTV Top 20----
BB Hot 100----6
BB Adult 4016102
R&R Hot 2022154
R&R AC12105
Casey Top 4036333
Dees Top 4033283
VH1 Top 10111
MTV Top 20----

Interested in Jewel's poetry? Pick up "A Night Without Armour" now in stores everywhere.

New Jewel sightings:

Teen People

    Jewel's Angel Standing By is featured in a critical sequence early in the film Return To Me, starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver.

    Watch for Jewel on the cover of December 26th's Parade weekend magazine. It's usually in Sunday papers.

    Ang Lee's film Ride with the Devil is now in limited release and move wide on Dec 10. So far, the gross has been below expectations. If you don't know already or wonder why I'm mentioning it on a Jewel website, well, Jewel has the female lead in the civil war drama.A photo of the cast.

    Jewel has canceled her Alaska New Year's Eve concert. Ticket sales, at $99 each, were going slowly for the event. This is the second time she has canceled a Alaskan performance and upset the folks back home. You can read all about it here.

    Jewel hits the cover of December's Glamour magazine as their "Women of the Year" along with Jennifer Lopez. Here's a take on it.

    Jewel's new commercial holiday collection is out as of November and in the stores. Joy made it's debut at #46 on the charts and contains some holiday classics with new interpretations.

    Here is some info on the word of Jewel supporting sweatshops.

    This website was recently awarded, by Jewel fans like you, the Best Jewel Content Award. I wish to thank everyone who voted and acknowledged the work and effort that has gone into this over the past 3 1/2 years. Thank you.

    Looking for tabs?Here are Spirit tabs.

    Pieces of Jewel Chat is available on IRC. Point your IRC client (such as mIRC) to Jewel.Zoonation.com port 6667. Then look for the #Jewel room.

    Jewel Merchandise: Some concert and online merchandise has been found defective. If you purchased some defective official Jewel merchandise at a Jewel concert or online, please call their toll free number 877-295-3935 and they will make ammends. I don't endorse any sales here but to help the search for Jewel stuff. I'm providing these common links:

    Jewel has announced that she will join Bono, Wyclef Jean, and others for Net Aid, a three-venue musical event which is being staged to assist the United Nations in achieving the goal of erasing extreme poverty in the world by 2006. The official list of performers participating in Net Aid so far includes Jewel, Bono, Eurythmics, George Michael, Pete Townshend, Bush, Counting Crows, Wyclef Jean, Michael Kamen & Orchestra, Jimmy Page, and Robbie Williams. The three shows will take place Oct. 9 at New Jersey's Giants Stadium, at Wembley Stadium in London, and the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

    "Jupiter," the third single from her platinum smash "SPIRIT," has debut on MTV back on July 26th, at 10:30 p.m. (ET) along with "The Making of a Video," which takes a behind the scenes look at the clip. On August 1st, Jewel kicked of a stint as VH1's "Artist of the Month" with the premiere of "Jewel: VH1 Storytellers."

    For those that missed the fun, fire and skin, Jewel performed in NY recently at Woodstock 99 Here's what she played, which you'll be able to download in it's entirety right here, if you keep checking back every few days: Near You Always, Deep Water, Hands, You Were Meant for Me, Jupiter, Life Uncommon, Foolish Games, Down So Long, Race Car Driver, Down, Love Me Just Leave Me Alone, Who Will Save your Soul, -Encore-, Angel Standing By, Chime Bells (accapella). Or for a limited offer, still going as of 11/1, email me here if you want a non-profit audio copy of it or Storytellers (with unaired tracks) for yourself.

    "Bits And Baubles" Promotional CD

    A Target promotion for "back to schoolers" has a special Jewel CD titled "Bits & Baubles" in and out of stores as of Wednesday, July 28th. The cover is by photographer West Kennerly and it includes original artwork and a caption written by Jewel.

    For those that can't find it, are in areas that are sold out, or outside of the U.S. I'm including an auction link here. That's the fairest way I know how to do it.

    eBay "Bits and Baubles" CD

    The Track listing for "Bits & Baubles" includes three live performances from the VH1 special aired earlier this year: "Jewel Rockin The Rockies". This was recorded at the Higher Ground For Humanity Launching at Aspen's Wheeler Opera House on January 22nd of this year. Target is donating $75,000 toward HGH global community projects.

    Tracks include "Innocence Maintained", "Who Will Save Your Soul" & "Cold Song". Poetry readings include "As A Child I Walked", "Insecurity", "Lost" and "Miracle".

    The UK release of the single Down So Long is out. This also contains live bonus tracks of "Fat Boy" & "Amen".

    Jewel is confirmed at this time for Woodstock 99 in Rome, NY this summer. She is scheduled for 5:15pm Sunday. Watch for your tickets (there is a wall) or a Pay Per View event at a cable outlet near you.

    Dark Horizons has some stills and a clip from the Jewel film Ride with The Devil.

    Catch Jewel on the cover of the April issue of Teen Magazine. The full cover can be seen here in the Mags Gallery....

    Jewel hits New Zealand in a rush. Pic and story on the Jewel wire....

    Jewel's new video for "Down So Long" is in rotation on VH1 and MTV.

    Don't miss Jewel on MTV's "Biorhythm," on Tuesday March 2nd, at 10:30 p.m. Repeats: 12:00 noon on Wednesday 3/3; at 6:30pm on Thursday 3/4; at 3:00pm on Friday 3/5; at 12:30am Friday; at 7:30pm on Saturday 3/6

    VH1 airs "Jewel Rockin' the Rockies" March 6th @ 9 p.m.

    The RollingStone magazine's Year End Double Issue had Jewel on the cover. Check out the pics in the bottom row, here or in the Gallery.

    Ex-manager hits Jewel and mother with $10 million lawsuit

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The former manager of Atlantic Records songstress Jewel has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the singer and her mother, Lenedra Carroll, claiming that she was wrongfully fired and is owed millions in commissions on the singer's earnings.

    In the complaint filed Monday in L.A. Superior Court, Inga Vainshtein -- who discovered Jewel five years ago, when the singer was performing in coffeehouses and living out of her car -- claims Carroll induced Jewel to fire her longtime manager, and by doing so breached Vainshtein's personal services contract with the singer.

    The suit comes as Jewel's latest for the label, ``Spirit,'' bowed as the third bestselling album in the nation last week with first-week sales of more than 368,000 units.

    The lawsuit's claims include breach of written contract and interference with contractual relations. Vainshtein seeks an accounting of Jewel's earnings, alleging that the singer's mother suggested the breach so that she could earn the commissions on Jewel's earnings that were going to Vainshtein.

    Vainshtein is seeking more than $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

    The new album, titled Spirit and (you can order here!) produced by Patrick Leonard, made it's debut at #3 ahead of Mariah, Alanis & Whitney, trailing Garth & Method Man.

    Jewel performed Hands on Leno last week, laughing it up with Dana Carvey & Yasmine Bleeth for a few minutes.

    MTV Live turned into Jewel TV Tuesday afternoon where, from Times Square in NYC, fans gathered to ask four questions, hear her perform Hands and toss out a few copies of the new Patrick Leonard produced album (you can order here!) titled Spirit.

    Jewel performed Hands and Down So Long on Saturday Night Live this week. Give a listen here.

    New video began airing on VH1 and MTV Wednesday October 28th. A fairly reliable time so far for me, nearly every weekday, is between 6 and 7am (EST) on MTV. The new single "Hands" is already garnering massive requests on the hotlines across the country at radio stations. Keep linked here to see how it does on the weekly charts listed here to the left.

    Jewel will appear on two high profile covers later this year: The January Vogue and the Rollingstone Year-End Double Issue

    Jewel filmed a video with director Nick Brandt, for "Hands," the first single now on some radio stations across the country, in LA. A cast member informed me about a disaster concept. The lyrics are now available in the Jewel Lyric Archive For those of you curious as to the musicians on "Hands"?. They are as follows:
    Vocals: Jewel
    Piano & keyboard: Patrick Leonard
    Drums: Brian Macleod
    Percussion: Luis Conte
    Bass: Paul Bushnell
    Acoustic Guitar: Jude Cole
    Electric Guitar: James Harrah
    Backing Vocals: Jewel & Lenedra

    The new album (you can order here!) produced by Patrick Leonard (Madonna, Waters & many others), titled "Spirit" is finished! Everything is still looking good for a November 17th release, along with a quick U.S. Tour. The first single, "Hands" is scheduled to hit radio on October 26th. Yes, a handful of stations already have it. Jewel is filming a video for this single as well. Look for that in late October or early November. Here's the latest track list, subject to complete changes of course.

    1. "Deep Water"
    2. "What's Simple is True" (Winter Song)
    3. "Hands" (first single, with band)
    4. "Kiss The Flame" (17 Mag TV special)
    5. "Down So Long" ("Been Down So Long")
    6. "Innocence Maintained" (with band)
    7. "Jupiter" (with band)
    8. "Fat Boy" ("Fragile Flame")
    9. "Stranger (Enter From The East)"
    10. "Barcelona"
    11. "Life Uncommon"
    12. "Do You?" (with band)
    13. "Absence Of Fear" (stark band)
    Extra Track: Little Bird (with Lenedra)

    Bravo Network aired the Jewel Intimate & Interactive, shown nationally in the U.S. for possibly the first time on August 29th.

    Fans of Jewel's collaborator Steve Poltz may want to check out VH1 for repeat airings of what they ran Tuesday, September 1st. It was "An Evening With Steve Poltz". This was filmed recently at Schuba's in Chicago. Don't miss Jewel's upcoming tv appearances in September.

    MTV Fanatic finally aired with Jewel on July 20th. Sarah, the selected abductee-interviewer did a fine job in what little was aired in this format. Although it was not the original concept of a solid interview show with a particularly knowledgeable fan, the show works on MTV. It emphasizes the adventure of the abducted host more than the star who agreed to the show.

    Jewel taped a show for OPRAH on Tuesday June 9th. It aired on July 22nd with Jewel singing a rather passionate rendition of Who Will Save Your Soul and a three way conversation with her mother, Nedra Carroll.

    Sample Jewel's new book A Night Without Armor here online with selected poems and an audio excerpt.

    Jewel's Virgin Megastore poetry reading was in Times Square, NYC May 19th.

    Virgin sold 250 special book certificates.

    The event was held just outside the book store and the cafe on the lower level of the Virgin Megastore on Times Square. Look for a Webcast soon! Keep it here for details.

    More book news: If you're looking for the very hard to find at a good price "Woe to Live On" by Daniel Woodrell, the book that Jewels' film is based upon, you can breathe a little easier. It is being re-released. The current info is this:
    List: $14.00
    Paperback, 224 pages
    Published by Pocket Books
    Publication date: August 1998
    ISBN: 0671001361

    Hope you caught the ABC special "Where It's At; Rolling Stone's State of the Union" at 9 pm (EST) on May 21. Jewel performed "Winter Song" and "Fragile Flame." This special appearance was filmed at her own Java Joes on February 9th.

    Jewel filmed the movie adaption of "Woe To Live On" in and around Kansas City. The title has tentatively been changed to "Ride with the Devil". The final title probably won't be a hundred percent until near release. She has kept a very low profile in the area, other than performing a concert.

    A Night Without Armor: Jewel's book of over 100 poems is due to be released around the second week of May. There are three Harper Collins catalog versions: A Paperback $15.00US, an audio CD $14.00US and audio cassette version for $12.00US retail. Barnes&Noble is 20% off and Amazon Books is 30% off.

    The Rumor Mill: Jewel is NOT dating Jean-Claude Van Damme. This is just a false statement that spread to careless DJ's.

    Looking for some Jewel sheet music on the net? Well you can check it out and purchase it at Sunhawk Corporation

    Catch the Jewel E! interview from Grammy night here. There are pictures and the interview in .wav format.

    No see-through dresses this year! The Grammy Awards were given out in February, leaving Jewel empty handed in her lone nomination of Best Female Pop. Look for her next time with a new album due out later in 1998.

    The scholastic book by Tracey West is available. It's called Jewel - An Everyday Angel. I'm not sure of the release avenues for this but check your usual sources. I had spoken with the author once but was NOT a source of info.

    You can find some cool pics and multimedia from Unplugged, the Superbowl, and Rosie O'Donnell appearances here at Doug Ashtons' supercool page.

    ChartWatch: "Pieces of You" has fallen off the Hot 100 and "Spirit" is staying strong, already well over Platinum in sales. "Hands" stalls on most but jumps on the BB Adult 40. Always check the complete charts to the left.


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