"Reality is a funny thing, you know... Reality is what you believe; believe it to be. It's what you put your thought and energy into, because your hands physically manifest thought. So your world becomes what you feel and what you think."

"You have to realize: ok, I don't know how to solve a political problem, I don't know how to solve the pollution problem... all I know is in my own life, I need to figure out some sense of purpose, I need to figure out how to be happy... and I'm willing to give up looking at all you and trying to do everyone else's laundry and look at myself and what do I need... and that's profound. We point so many fingers and go 'this person isn't... are you blah blah blah?" If we all just took care of ourselves it'd be very efficient... all I can do ultimately in my own life... all I can speak is from my experience."

-Jewel Kilcher

News - Page Fifteen
    Jewel appeared in Boston at The Borders Bookstore on Saturday, May 18th. In the Gallery sent to me from Jeff Smith. Atlantic
  • The Internet world caught a few shots of Jewel in rapid succession on Thursday, May 16th, just three days after fellow Atlantic Records recording artist Tori Amos gave it a taste at the Virgin Megastore. Jewel performed with Duncan Sheik at the Irving Plaza while audio and 5 shots per second video were broadcast over the net. The site currently holds an archive of this and other broadcasts for your convenience at Atlantic Records Digital Arena

    For times and exact points of reference for this broadcast Click here.

    Jewel was the guest of honor at a benefit reception for LIFEbeat, the Music Industry's AIDS fundraising charity, after her Irving Plaza concert in NYC on Thursday, May 16. (Thanks Aaron!)

    At the party, Atlantic presented her with her first gold record for her debut Pieces of You.

    On May 15th, Jewel taped for MTV's 'House of Style' Prom Edition and was aired May 20th and throughout the following week. It's a shopping-w/-Jewel stint where the camera follows her around while she shops for Prom clothes she will never wear.

    Jewel did a photo shoot May 6th for Esquire magazine for their '50 fabulous women' feature. Expect incredible photos of Jewel. Print date is unknown. (Thanks Aaron!)

    120 Min
  • Jewel taped 120 Minutes on Tuesday (April 23rd), and it aired the following Sunday (April 28th) at midnight. She performed several songs along with an interview.

    Late Show
  • Jewel appeared on David Letterman on Monday, April 22nd and performed "Who Will Save Your Soul." Like other musical guests on the Late Show, her performance was slotted at the very end of the show with no time for talking. I have a few pics in the Gallery.

    Jewel hosted Alternative Nation on MTV April 17 and 18 at midnight. Some still shots are here

    Jewel appeared on Good Morning America on February 12 performing "Who Will Save Your Soul." Check out some shots from the show.

  • Duet anyone? Jewel answered that question posed last fall by Melissa Etheridge and the result wasDuets something to watch . . . Over and over again on VH1 Duets. Melissa performed with Joan Osbourne (Bring Me Some Water & St. Teresa), Paula Cole (Occasionally), Jewel (You Can Sleep While I Drive & Foolish Games) and Sophie B. Hawkins (Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover). Guess who stole the show? Don't miss it. . . again.

Jewel played the lead in a TNT production of The Wizard of Oz last Thanksgiving Eve which was also aired an additional five times just afterward. The number to order Wizard of Oz merchandise is 1-800-201-8844.

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