"Reality is a funny thing, you know... Reality is what you believe; believe it to be. It's what you put your thought and energy into, because your hands physically manifest thought. So your world becomes what you feel and what you think."

"You have to realize: ok, I don't know how to solve a political problem, I don't know how to solve the pollution problem... all I know is in my own life, I need to figure out some sense of purpose, I need to figure out how to be happy... and I'm willing to give up looking at all you and trying to do everyone else's laundry and look at myself and what do I need... and that's profound. We point so many fingers and go 'this person isn't... are you blah blah blah?" If we all just took care of ourselves it'd be very efficient... all I can do ultimately in my own life... all I can speak is from my experience."

-Jewel Kilcher

News - Page Twelve

    A curious note: Jewel's, "Angel Standing By" was on, July 4th's episode of the CBS soap opera "As the World Turns." For any one who knows the show, it was while they searched for a character named Casey.

    A Jewel reference was made on MTV's Singled Out. The question was "Jewel: Fake or precious talent?" Two said "fake." One said "talent."

    US Cover

    Jewel was in the July issue of US with an article and photo of Jewel. Check it.

    Howard Stern featured Jewel on hisJune 24th morning show. Stern announced a new song that he liked by a "very cute" artist named Jewel. He then played WWSYS and talked of how many women today vary their voices when they sing (i.e. Alanis Morrisette, Dolores O'Riordan, etc.) He added that Jewel has a very sexy voice and that he wondered if she thought about sex when she was singing. Mr. Stern said that he is in touch with his feminine side and can like songs like these.

    Jewel performed "Who Will Save Your Soul" in the sun at the MTV Beach House. It was shown June 24th and repeated several times but unknown if and when it will air again.


  • Jewel appears in TV Guide for the second week in a row. This time there is a small photo captioned as a "Overnight Sensation" with Sheryl Crow and Green Day. The sidebar mentions how Conan O'Brien's alternative music selection gives unknown artist the big break they need. Jewel's early appearance in 1995 is considered her first real break that juiced record sales, attracted "Wizard of Oz" producers and actor/producer/ director Sean Penn. She's also mentioned along with Conan O'Brien's frisbee joke from June 4th. Details on the joke are further down in News.

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